06 Best Sports Online Games of 2022

Following are the best sports online games of 2022.


Hunting Simulator 2 is a hunting simulator in which players have to go into the wild and hunt various animals .

Upon release, Hunting Simulator 2 received mixed reviews, but the game boasts 160 weapons and 33 different animals scattered across Texas, Colorado and Europe.

If realism is what you’re after, Hunting Simulator 2 is the way to go. Dozens of accessories, clothing and equipment are presented here. However, the biggest advantage is that in Hunting Simulator 2 you can hunt with a dog that will become your faithful companion!



Football Manager is a super popular series of football management simulations. Each part includes professional, semi-professional, amateur teams and national teams, which the player can manage as a manager (i.e. sign contracts and manage the budget).

FM 2021 is the newest part of the series, however, it has been heavily criticized by users for its strong similarity to the previous one (FM 2020). However, there are several differences:

The game has become more difficult: FM 2019 was outrageously easy, but FM 2021 is much more difficult and realistic. Thus, players, like in the good old days, need to guess at tactics and adapt to the opponent!
The transfer market has become more logical: it is now much more difficult to sell a player. Computer-controlled executives began to pay attention not only to the car cost of the player, but also to his salary.


Dirt 5 is a racing simulator focused on a variety of off-road racing . It is the fourteenth game in the Colin McRae Rally series and the eighth in the Dirt series .

Various types of racing are available here: rallycross, ice racing, super truck racing in stadiums, off-road buggy racing. In addition, players will have to compete in various events in countries such as the United States , Brazil, China, Italy and Norway.

It is worth noting the dynamic weather system, which directly affects the race, as well as the split-screen system (up to four players).



At first glance it may seem that Assetto Corsa is an ordinary racing simulator, but it is not: the game is quite unique, because when creating it, the developers tried to convey the real driving experience as best as possible, with the ability to play in both single and multiplayer modes.

In addition, the game features officially licensed tracks and cars created using laser scanning technology. It is also worth noting the possibility of detailed customization of the car and the creation of various modifications.



Next in line is another racing  crazygames online simulator that is designed for drifting fans – they will surely enjoy cornering in controlled skidding in CarX Drift Racing Online.

We note the excellent physics of the game, good customization and car settings, as well as cross-platform.



iRacing first saw the light of day in 2008 , and since then many versions of the game have been release (the newest being in September 2017). In simple words, this is a racing simulator with a subscription that provides access to online racing best crazygames .

Online racing is a fun, easy and inexpensive way for racing and sim fans to enjoy the thrill of the race track from the comfort of their own homes!

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Here, as in real racing, the gameplay is make in the first person (that is, from behind the wheel ). It is recommend to use a computer steering wheel for the game. Although the use of a conventional gamepad is also allow .

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