One of the most attractive hills to trek around Bangalore, Channarayanadurga is a sprawling hill with spectacular views. One can have a good view of Madhugiri Peak from the top, which is a similar trek. Madhugiri is popular, and Channarayanadurga is more offbeat. If you don’t want crowds around, then this is a better trek option. An additional attraction here is the historic fort at the top. The areas are steep and can be quite difficult to climb. On the way to the trek, there is a huge banyan tree in front of a green water pond which is a nice place to relax.


 Skandagiri is a type of hill town near Bangalore. It gives the opportunity of trekking and hike in the mountains at night. Many tourists like this type of place as a picnic for a day or two. There is a ruined fort on the way up the hill, to which many spooky incidents are associated, this can make your night track even more interesting.


Makalidurga is the best place for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Trekking is best preferred by trekkers in Makalidurga. The location is surrounded by a diverse range of mountainous terrains, forts, footpaths, woodland, and wildlife, and it is one of the best spots within 100 kilometers of Bangalore. This place is very serene which is why the visiting tourist falls in love with this place.


Uttari Betta is a famous place for night excursions to witness the peaceful sunrise. The advantage of the north over some other hills is that it can be done in any season at any time of the day without any problems. The trek starts from a village, passing through man-made steps carved into the rocks, passing several fortified gates and structures through thick green meadows. On top of it there is a cave, a temple, and a pond. If trekking is for leisure or for the first time, then the North Betta easy trek is a perfect fit.


Savandurga is one of the largest stone pillars in the country. It is considered to be one of those places that give trekkers the real satisfaction of conquering a mountain. This trek is steep in places and tests the endurance of the people. Savandurga is considered the most difficult hill to trek around Bangalore. It is better to start trekking after sunrise as the rocky areas are hot during the day. It is better to avoid it on rainy days. Arkavathi river adjacent to the hill can be seen from here. There is an idol of Nandi at the top where one can get amazing views of Manchanabele Dam which gives a kind of peace to the mind and calms the senses after a difficult climb.


This place is actually a part of Bannerghatta Wildlife Sanctuary. It is one of the few treks with rich vegetation and greenery everywhere and the permission of the Forest Department is required to do the trek. In fact, you will get to cross some natural ponds and streams. A true trekking experience will be found in a forest setting. Traces of wildlife like elephant dung or bear’s pug marks are often seen by trekkers. Bilikalu means white rock. There is a huge granite rock under which a small temple is built. The views are calm and unobstructed from above.


This is one of the easiest treks around Bangalore, but for a short hike the views are really beautiful. It is the only place above 100 km from the city, but a trip on the Mysore road which is good for traveling, Kunti Betta can be easily reached within 3 hours. Kunti betta trek is close to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, where a wide variety of migratory birds can be seen throughout the year. It is a feast for nature and bird lovers. For the trek, there are 3 hills near Kunti Betta. It’s a popular trekking place around Bangalore.


A famous night trekking destination, Kabbaldurga is a monolith reaching a height of 3600 feet. It is a challenging 3 km trek with steep slopes and rocky trails. You can see a lot of stars from above because it is located in a turbulent place. To see at the top is an old ruined fort. The dark environment and rough terrain offer a lot of adventure for the thrill seekers. The surroundings usually fill with mist early in the morning and are quite picturesque. From here Bilikal Betta and Savandurga are seen from the peak on a clear day.


A unique trek filled with naturally formed small caves and granite boulders, Antaragange is a hill that requires trekkers to climb, jump, bend and bend over rocks which makes it a pleasurable experience. After a night trip amidst the volcanic rocks, you can see the well-lit city of Kolar as you wait for the sun to rise. The one-way trek takes around 2 hours. Beware of monkeys who may seize a minute opportunity to snatch any food item you display.


Madhugiri is a single hill and is considered to be the second-largest stone pillar in India. A challenging rocky trek is considered a good trek for thrill-seekers. Due to the steep climb, trekkers have to hold on to specially constructed railings to climb. It is a mostly rocky road, so it becomes slippery during rains. The trail welcomes hikers with beautifully carved stones. It has a beautiful fort on top and offers unparalleled views. There are lots of ruins and structures to explore along the way. 

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