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2 Quick Methods to Save Gmail All Mail to HTML |

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This technical article describes how to save gmail all Mail to HTML. Here you will also get to know reasons to save emails as HTML. we will use two methods to complete this task. The first one will be manual in which you don’t need to use a third-party tool and the second method will be an alternative in which we’ll use a professional utility that makes your task simple”.

If you are here, you must be looking for a solution to save gmail all Mail  to HTML. but the issue is arising that you are not able to find the proper method to export Gmail emails to your desired format. Don’t worry, your search is over because after reading this article you can easily export your emails in HTML format. 

But before moving to the solution, let’s take a brief introduction regarding the HTML files that will help you to understand the solution.

Brief Introduction of HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a text document file that can be accessed and read by any web browser such as Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, and Opera. It is a markup language that can communicate with web browsers. 

It is based on codes, tags, keywords, etc. It is generally used to create web pages and applications. When you combine HTML with CSS and Javascript, it can create a dynamic web page. 

Why Do Users want to Save Gmail all Mail to HTML format?

Here are some prominent reasons due to which users want to export gmail all Mail as HTML. 

  • The most important advantage of an HTML file is that it is free to use. Users can easily open HTML files with any web browser without using any external software.
  •  HTML files take very less storage, and if users save emails as HTML so they can save their gmail all Mail account storage.
  • If users download their emails in HTML format on a local system, an internet connection is not required to read the HTML files. 
  • HTML files save all data of an email such as Headings, Text, Hyperlinks, Multimedia, Ordered List, Unordered List, etc.
  • These files are easy to share via emails or instant messaging or messenger programs. 

After readings the reasons, there must be a clear picture in your mind that why users choose HTML files. Well, the above list might be incomplete because there are various reasons due to which users want to save gmail all Mail to HTML. Now let’s move to the solutions.

Unfortunately, Google gmail all Mail doesn’t provide any direct option to export emails as HTML, but you can still save it from the below method-

Manual Solution to Save Gmail all Mail to HTML

Part-1: Download the Email in EML format

  • Open gmail all Mail
  • Click on the particular mail that you want to download
  • Click on Three Dots-Open Tab “Download Messages” 

Part-2: Convert EML to HTML

  • Go to that downloaded mail
  • Right-click on the file and open it with “Notepad”
  • Then, click on “File” in the top-left of the notepad screen
  • Tap on “Save As”
  • After that change .eml to .html to get the desired result
  • Tap on the “Save” button to get the HTML file

Limitations of Manual Method:

We know that the manual method is free to use but all like other methods it has also some limitations which are given below

  • One of the major problems is that users can convert one email at a time using a manual method
  • It takes too much time to convert a large number of file
  • There is the possibility to crash the internet browse

Alternative Solution to Save Gmail all Mail to HTML – Most Reliable Method

To perform this method you can use RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Tool which has an isolated option to save Gmail emails to HTML or other formats. This software is available for Windows OS as well as Mac OS users. 

You can also save gmail all Mail to a hard drive by using this software. Users can use advanced functions for more filter data. After installing follow the given steps to understand the working of the software-

Working of Gmail Backup Tool 

  1. Download and run the utility on your system
  2. Enter your Gmail detail in the given option
  3. Now, choose the folder that you want to export
  4. Select HTML in the Select Saving option
  5. Set the destination path to keep the HTML file
  6. Finally, tap on the “Backup” button to start the conversion process


I took my time and tried to give you the best approach regarding your query that how to save gmail all Mail to HTML. here we have saved email manually as well as alternatively. The manual method has some limitations due to which users generally avoid the manual method. In order to solve the problem of the manual method we have provided the best software that will make your task very easy.

Learn the best methods to save Gmail to HTML along with attachments. In this blog post, we describe the best methods to export gmail all Mail to HTML Format.

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