5 Top Blockchain Courses You Should Take

A Beginners Guide

Blockchain is a worldwide phenomenon right now, with multiple use cases spanning various industries. Devised as the foundation of cryptocurrencies, blockchain has become an essential component for transforming conventional processes. Therefore, blockchain courses are in huge demand, especially with many beginners readily diving into this field. 

However, it is also important to notice the challenges evident in identification of blockchain training courses. You have to choose from multiple options available online while struggling with the basics of blockchain. The following post helps you identify top five courses you should take right now to build your blockchain expertise from scratch.

Top Blockchain Training Courses for Beginners

The choice of top blockchain courses could be considerably difficult, especially with many renowned technology training platforms offering blockchain training programs. However, you must be quite careful as a beginner in your choices regarding blockchain training. 101 Blockchains serves as an efficient and all-round alternative to building your knowledge of blockchain technologies and new advancements. Here are the top five courses on 101 Blockchains for every blockchain beginner.  

1. NFT Fundamentals 

The NFT Fundamentals course is easily one of the best blockchain courses for anyone interested in mastering non-fungible tokens. The course offers a brief yet comprehensive overview of the basic concepts underlying NFTs. You can familiarize with the basics of NFTs and their history, followed by an overview of popular NFT projects. Furthermore, the course also highlights the details of NFT marketplaces and wallets alongside the methods for creating and using NFTs.

2. Tokenization Fundamentals 

The next addition among blockchain courses for beginners on 101 Blockchains would refer to tokenization fundamentals. You can learn about the fundamentals of blockchain and its implications for trade finance, as well as the basics of smart contracts. The course takes you through different details of tokenization, such as the stages of tokenization, benefits and challenges and the history of tokenization. Furthermore, the course also focuses on leveraging tokenization for growth of alternative finance. On top of it, the course helps you learn about taxation rules and regulations alongside understanding the differences between different token types.

3. Introduction to DeFi

DeFi, or decentralized finance, is gradually making a mark in the world of crypto and blockchain. The Introduction to DeFi course is easily one of the reliable blockchain courses to familiarize with decentralized finance. You can use the course to explain DeFi to clients and colleagues with a better understanding of scope and goals of DeFi. Know more about the practical use of DeFi tools and products alongside navigating the opportunities for a career in DeFi other than trading. The course gives you the ideal platform to kickstart your journey of learning and specializing in DeFi.

4. How to Build Your Career in Enterprise Blockchains

Do you struggle to identify the way forward for building your career in blockchain? The “How to Build Your Career in Enterprise Blockchains” training course is one of the top blockchain courses which can help you find the answers. Use the course to identify the reasons and skills required to become a blockchain expert. The course also helps you explore the details of basic skills you can start with. In addition, you can also learn about the best practices to prepare for blockchain job interviews in the course.

5. IoT Fundamentals Course

The IoT or Internet of Things Fundamentals course would also qualify as one of the best blockchain courses on 101 Blockchains. It is a proven resource for understanding IoT basics and the challenges and opportunities in IoT implementation. You can learn about the practical applications of IoT in different industries alongside the technologies required for creating IoT-based applications. Most important of all, the course helps you identify the potential relationship between blockchain technology and IoT.

Final Words

The list of blockchain courses for beginners on 101 Blockchains also continues further with many others. However, it is important to select blockchain training courses after careful examination of the course deadditionstails. You must verify whether the learning objectives of the course can help your blockchain career in any way. Explore the details of training courses available on 101 Blockchains and make your choice now. 

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