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7 Tips To Make A Scandinavian Style To Your Living Room!

Do you know hygge? This term, which comes to us from the Nordic countries, is much more than a word, it is a way of thinking, a feeling of well-being. The art of living that will transform your living room into a haven of peace. Create a warm and comfortable atmosphere with Scandinavian decoration and enjoy cocooning moments that will do you a lot of good. Living room furniture, interior decoration, materials or colors, discover all our advice to make a Scandinavian style to your room.

A quick reminder of Scandinavian design

Scandinavian decoration is not burdened with frills, its clean lines are thought out and created for design.

Note that the term “design” is rarely used wisely since it is now used as an adjective to qualify something beautiful and modern. Yet it is a name that represents a concept, the way the product has been designed to meet a need, its ergonomics if you prefer. Before being beautiful, it must above all be practical and functional.

Of course, when it comes to decoration, aesthetics also play an important role. This is where the Scandinavian style stands out, combining business with pleasure in a minimalist setting.

The typical forms of the Scandinavian style

• Furniture feet, commonly called “compass feet” are truly representative of Scandinavian decoration. This rounded shape that starts slightly in a cone immediately comes to mind when we talk about Nordic furniture.

• Furniture fronts are smooth, no molding or arabesque should disturb the calm of the surface.

• Geometric shapes, such as ellipses, hexagons or diamonds are proudly displayed on interior decoration, fabrics or even wallpaper.

Color clarity

• The atmosphere of a Scandinavian living room exudes luminosity. Walls in shades of white and a light wood floor will reflect the light in the room. To stay in a soft atmosphere, you can associate pastel colors like powder pink, water green or sky blue.

• On the other hand, you can add a bit of pep with one or two flashy colors. Yellow and blue lend themselves particularly well to the exercise. Be careful all the same to apply it by touch in your living room, for example, the sofa and some decorative objects or the curtains, the cushions and a pouf. You will have to find the right balance. Dark shades can also invite themselves into a Scandinavian-style living room provided they are used sparingly.

Warm up the atmosphere

Natural materials have the power to bring warmth to a room.

• Raw wood is also one of the favorite materials in Scandinavian decoration. For furniture, flooring or decorative elements, wood easily finds its place and makes your living room a cozy place to live.

• In wool, synthetic fur or fleece, arrange cushions and blankets on your seats. The urge to curl up in your sofa or armchair will become irresistible.

• Go crazy on the lighting! Wall lamps, suspensions, floor lamps, table lamps, the multiplication of light sources is an integral part of the Scandinavian style. You can even slip in a few tealight holders decorated with candles to complete the decor.

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4 emblematic objects of a Scandinavian living room

If you do not have the opportunity to redesign your living room, you can always refurnish it or accessorize it with emblematic objects of the Nordic style. Here we select four objects from Homary to help you get the style!

The carpet

Often accompanied by geometric patterns such as triangles and diamonds, the Scandinavian rug is a must have in your living room. In black and white or colored version, you won’t be able to do without this so cozy accessory!

The TV stand

Play the Nordic card all the way with a Scandinavian TV stand. It will provide the necessary storage for the remote controls, the internet box. You can even accompany it with a sideboard for additional storage.

The very soft plaid

Whatever its material, if you want a Scandinavian-style living room, it is impossible to ignore the plaid. Wrap yourself in softness and relax in the warmth of this cozy blanket.

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Nesting coffee tables

Equipped with three compass legs and a drop-shaped top, the nesting tables alone can give a Scandinavian look to your living room. Sold in pairs or threes, in light or colored wood, they will look great.

Functional furniture, light colours, light, a mix of raw materials, a touch of minimalist decoration… The Scandinavian living room is above all a cocooning room where you must want to spend time. At Homary, we offer a whole range of Scandinavian style furniture. We ensure your purhchase with high quality products and customer service. Check it out!

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