8 Villas Near Mumbai To Satiate Your Wanderer Soul!

Mumbai, an Indian coastal metropolis with a population of around 20 million, is situated close to the Western Ghats. Due to the city’s high population density and fast-paced way of life, it is simple to grow weary of your mundane daily routine and escape to villas in Karjat with private pool, luxury villa in Lonavala, Alibaug etc. Due to the extended travel times, long and exhausting workdays often go far longer than they should, leaving little time for personal activities.

The weekends are the only ones who can save us in this situation; aren’t those two days at the end of the week blessings? In this post, we’ll show you how Mumbai’s surroundings make the city even more gorgeous and worthwhile to visit. Mumbai has never failed to astonish us with its splendour.

Short weekends that prevent us from driving long distances cause us to routinely miss our much-needed vacations! We frequently overlook the fact that we also need time to rest, unwind, and recharge. This is the location for you if you’ve been longing for a change. And need to escape the hustle and commotion of the city.

While most people prefer to spend their weekends relaxing at home or catching up on sleep. There are only so many activities that a city can provide before it becomes monotonous. What are the options in this situation? Mumbai, however, boasts some of the most incredible weekend getaways nearby where one can truly unwind and recharge for the next week. Mumbai, an Indian coastal metropolis, has several hill stations nearby. These locations, which are adorned with lush vegetation, waterfalls, and adventure, are ideal for relaxing after a stressful period. So disconnect from everything that bothers you and enjoy a relaxing getaway in one of the best hill resorts close to Mumbai.

A list of some of the top weekend getaways around Mumbai is provided here:

  •     Gatsby Villa, Lonavala

This luxury villa in lonavala-  4BHK Gatsby Villa in Lonavala has expansive, contemporary interiors that meld beautifully with the expansive, colourful exteriors, which include a private pool and garden space. The 4BHK Villa provides stunning views of the nearby mountains and never-ending vegetation. You could either spend the entire day relaxing indoors with your favourite people while admiring the gorgeous surroundings. That change from brightly lighted days to starry nights, or you could enjoy a campfire outside.

  •     Olive Crest Villa, Lonavala

Olive Crest Villa is an exquisite 4BHK with bright furnishings and chill vibes that would appeal to anyone who values the finer things in life. It is situated under the foggy skies of Lonavala. With one of the bedrooms overlooking the lush garden and the mountains, you may enjoy cool comfort or comfortable warmth by your own private pool, which is ideal for small meetings and playdates. A treat for outdoor enthusiasts, you can be sure to enjoy yourself with your loved ones at this luxury villa in lonavala.

  •     Carlos Villa, Lonavala

Due to its lovely atmosphere during the rainy season, Lonavala is one of the greatest places to visit around Mumbai during the rainy season. While Mumbai is being inundated by the rain, Lonavala is at its most scenic, with cloud-kissed cliffs and gushing waterfalls. Visit this 4BHK Carlos Villa to experience Lonavala’s picturesque ambiance. It features a private pool and a large lawn where you and your loved ones may relax and enjoy a hot cup of chai in the cool Lonavala weather at this luxury villa in lonavala

  •     Pablo Villa, Pune

Escobar Villa is a three-bedroom villa in Pune that honours. The Deccan legacy of the city by having regal and colourful furnishings. You may find all the peace you need on this balcony, which looks out over tranquil surroundings and a lake. All of your mealtime places are prearranged for you. You could eat breakfast on the patio, lunch by the pool, and evening on the verdant lawns beside a bonfire. Mezzanine flooring in the living area gives you plenty of room to lounge.

  •     Sunshine Villa, Karjat

The 6BHK Sunshine Villa in Karjat is the stuff of summertime fantasies! Book villa in Karjat of these white interiors that brighten gloomy winter days and keep you cool in the summer. The doctor will undoubtedly recommend an outdoor balcony with a seating area and projector for entertaining family nights. When you get to this villas in karjat with private pool, this lovely vacation property is waiting for you.

  •     Paradise Villa, Karjat

Visit one of the villas in karjat with private pool  is Paradise Villa, which lives up to its name, is perfect for your upcoming staycation away from the bustle of the city. Enjoy the sunrise from the 3 BHK Villa’s balcony. While you unwind on the lush lawns, lounge by the pool, or enjoy your favourite beverage. The property’s appeal is enhance by its contemporary exteriors and interiors.

  •     Iris Villa, Lonavala

The 4BHK Iris Villa is a luxury villa in Lonavala that features a serene, subdued décor and is outfit with modern comforts to ensure your utmost comfort. The patio and all of the rooms offer clear hill views. You can choose between putting your toes in the pool or taking in the fresh air on the lush grass. The beautiful location in the midst of nature and all its beauty. The balcony where one could unwind, and the overall experience. This gated community, which is situate in one of the best villa societies, offers the ultimate in luxury and safety. A private pool and positive energy are features of this property.

  •     Caribbean Villa, Panvel

The Caribbean Villa is a 2BHK Villa in Panvel that is located by a river and has a gazebo area beside the pool. It is a unique property that will take you to another planet with its lush lawns and swimming pool, has exteriors and interiors that are a blend of colonial, wooden, and modern architecture. Although the modern conveniences at this lovely residence more than make up for the old-world charm, it still has a lot to offer.

Work up an appetite before a barbecue on the grounds. Then relax with loved ones while taking in the breathtaking views. You might simply spend the entire day taking in the magnificent surroundings. As they change from brightly illuminated days to starry nights.

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