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Bars And Restaurants Cleaning Tips

The production of food requires a high level of cleanliness. To keep our business healthy, we have to leave it open to the public, but above all, we need to make sure the workplace is healthy.

The production of food requires a high level of cleanliness. To keep our business healthy, we have to leave it open to the public, but above all, we need to make sure the workplace is healthy.

SCS Group Commercial cleaning in Brisbane We recommend using the products recommended by the manufacturers, but sometimes it is more economical to use the most common items we have in all kitchens.

 In this link, we leave you a company that sells the best chemicals for hotel cleaning. Because of this article, we will explain a few cleaning tricks to make the task much easier for you:

 How to clean stainless steel:

The durability and resistance of stainless steel make it a popular material in industrial kitchens in our country.  The first of the cleaning tricks that can be given, and this applies to everything else, is that you do not let the remains of food or other substances accumulate for a long time. With steel utensils or pots, cleaning them rather than storing them for later or removing the dirt will be more complicated.

 How to clean the industrial oven:

These elements are used intensively in bars and restaurants, and their cleaning is essential. It is unnecessary to clean them when their use ends, but a professional deep cleaning would be necessary periodically to guarantee their proper functioning and conservation.

To clean the oven (one that does not have pyrolysis, of course…) manually, remove the grids and clean them in a sink with soap and water. Using hot water and dishwashing liquid, soak them for a little while. 

To clean the inside of the oven, get a spray bottle of liquid. You can add more baking soda if your oven is very dirty, even if the mixture is pasty. Fill the pot with water and add about four tablespoons of baking soda. Spread the solution throughout the cold oven and let the solution sit for an hour. If there is still dirt, repeat the process until it comes off and you can remove it with a cloth. Finally, to give it a good finish, you can use a solution of vinegar and water.

How to clean the glasswasher and dishwasher:

First, a somewhat logical recommendation, but one that not everyone does. Before putting in the utensils that we have to wash in our glasswasher and dishwasher. Remove the largest food remains since these can remain accumulated inside the appliance and not be drained correctly.

There are many industrial products for industrial cleaning the dishwasher that provides optimal results, but one way to make it shine on the inside is to add half a glass of undiluted vinegar to the dishwasher or glasswasher tray. Do a complete washing cycle (without dishes, obviously) and you’ll see that the result is surprising.

Cleaning tips for other surfaces in our business:

Using an adequate proportion of vinegar dissolved in water will get quite excellent results. This ratio is 3 parts water and one part white vinegar. If the floor is dirty, we can apply the vinegar directly to the stains and let it act for a while.

For other surfaces that we have in our industrial kitchens, we can use hydrogen peroxide to clean countertops or tables. Making combinations of these products and using lemon essence to clean your kitchen is also an excellent idea. 

Machine maintenance: Cleaning of complex areas

In any bar or restaurant, there are machines that need regular maintenance, as they are used intensively. This will allow them to last longer and have better performance in their useful life. Dishwashers, bottle racks, refrigerated cabinets, and almost all unfeeling machines have a condenser that fills with dust over time and is convenient to clean. As we have said before, this will ensure that their performance does not decrease and they continue to function optimally. For this task, in your restaurant, we recommend the purchase of an air compressor. Its primary mission is to expel jets of air at high speed to facilitate the cleaning of dust accumulated in the compressors of our machines. We recommend that this maintenance be done once every six months. If you decide to get a compressor, Read More: Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols for Schools.



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