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Benefits Of Using Ketomac Creams, Lotions And Tablets

Ketomac cream is a kind of an ointment which is mostly used in order to prevent the fungal infection and any kind of yeast formation in the body. This is a particular cream which also belongs to a group of drug that is known as azole anti fungal. This is a medication that mainly prevents the growth of different kinds of fungi which can disrupt the production of skin membranes that are surrounded by fungal cells. One can also use this in a form of tablet and take it orally.

How should one use this cream?

The ketomac cream dosage is always directed by the doctors and it also depends on the weight, age and current fungal disease condition of the patients. When one is prescribed to have the tablet, then it has to be taken once a day with or without food. But according to doctors, it is always a better idea to take the tablet with food because then there are lesser chances of getting stomach complications. If one is taking the tablet with an antacid, then they need to make sure that they should take the antacid at least an hour before taking the tablet. This helps the drug to get absorbed in the body totally.

But keto creams can also lead to some minor side effects. There can be stomach problems, bouts of headaches, sizziness, nausea and even stomach pain. There can also be other side effects like depression, hair loss, tingling sensation in the body along with some serious allergic reactions. Sometimes, using keto cream can lead to some serious side effects like liver damage issues. This can happen because of the chemicals present in the medicine. The symptoms that are linked to this are loss of appetite, body weight loss, vomiting, tiredness and passing of discoloured stool. Apart from these, one can also face yellowing of skin and rashes all over the body. If these happen, one needs immediate medical attention.

Things to know before using keto mac lotion

  • One should never try to apply the lotion or consume the oral drug if they see any sort of allergic reactions there.
  • When under this medication, one must stop taking alcohol.
  • If one is pregnant or breastfeeding, then they need to inform the doctor beforehand when the medicine is prescribed. This is because it can cause harm to the baby.

Apply keto creams and lotions

Athlete’s foot (Tinea Pedis)

It is a kind of a fungal infection that can happen on the feet and can also cause itching and scaling.

Ringworm (Tinea Corporis)

Silver rashes can appear in the body because of ringworms. One can apply the fungal cream so that they can prevent it.


It can happen in both toe and fingernails. They lead to quite of pain and discomfort.

Because there is ketomac lotion, cream, and tablet – one can easily fight out the fungal infections in the body parts. But it is always better to see a dermatologist before using them on their bidy.

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