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Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols for Schools

Cleaning schools is an activity professional must carry that out, because they are collective spaces that are ‌sensitive to contagion and, also, because a health problem in a school always generates a terrible social alarm.

The health crisis is still going on and the risk of getting sick from Covid-19 is still there. So the cleaning and disinfection of educational centers are so essential, to avoid as many infections as possible.To help you, we have created a series of cleaning tips to consider.


What areas should we focus on ensuring the disinfection and cleaning of schools? For the return to school, special emphasis should be placed on the surfaces with the greatest contact for teachers and students, and they must be disinfected at least once a day, it is highly recommended to carry out disinfection after each use. These areas are, for example:

  • Classrooms: We thoroughly disinfect any high-use surface, such as chairs, tables, switches, computers, tablets, doors, hangers, remote controls, blackboards, etc. Although the guidelines described in the official documentation expressly show the recommendation that students do not share the material.
  • Bathrooms: Washbasins, showers, taps, a flush button for cisterns, dryers, lockers, etc. The established protocols show the disinfection of these areas with solutions with a higher concentration of disinfectant, as they are areas of special risk of contagion.
  • Common areas: These areas of the high frequency of passage of students and teachers deserve preferential attention, which is why it is crucial to clean and disinfect gym machines, railings, protection barriers, swings, counters, toys, swimming pools, etc. sports equipment, etc.
  • Dining rooms and kitchen: These areas always enjoy special dedication in our professional cleaning services in schools, childcare, university, educational centers, however, because of Covid-19 they still gain greater prominence with disinfection following the protocols of dispensers, surfaces in contact with food, counters self-service, kitchen utensils.


  • Fewer diseases and infections. Sanitize and disinfect surfaces, ventilate classrooms and manage waste, we also remove dirt, viruses, and bacteria. In addition, we reduce the risk of contagion. Thus, at a time of pandemics like the current one, it is key to the health of the little ones and their families.
  • More productivity. I rarely talk this about, but it is another significant benefit of cleaning schools. By keeping the classrooms clean and in order, we make the workspace more pleasant; we eliminate objects that can distract us and, in this way, we favor the performance of teachers and students. An advantage is that we can extrapolate to any other space in our lives: office, home, or library.
  • Best image. We have talked about it on countless occasions. Our company, organization, or school speaks of our philosophy and way of working. If it is clean and in order, it will transmit positive values ​​to our clients: dedication, concern, attention to detail. But if instead, it is dirty; they relate it to neglect, lack of commitment, and disorganization. Do we want families and students to take away this impression of our center? Then it will be necessary to invest in sanitation and disinfection.

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