Cleaning to comply with regulations in bars and restaurants

The rules about food handling and hygiene in bars and restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney are very specific.

The rules about food handling and hygiene in bars and restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney are very specific. And it must follow them, not only to avoid legal problems but also to ensure to protect customers who visit the premises. Handle everything responsibly as a professional cleaner has a moral obligation to oversee everything under his or her jurisdiction.

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Maintain a level of cleanliness to match. If you cannot take charge, you must delegate to a trusted person or team, who guarantees that the cleaning guidelines comply with current regulations.


In a cleaning service with these characteristics, there is a variety of general cleaning, follow guidelines regularly. Some affect work surfaces, while others affect utensils:

  1. Utensils and kitchenware: Properly sanitized all kitchenware, cutlery, and work tools, such as knives or similar, either using specific products, washing in hot water, or with both systems.
    A dishwasher should clean these utensils so that everything is at the proper temperature and condition.
  2. Large surfaces and machinery: All surfaces must be inadequate hygienic conditions, whether they handle directly something or food is on them or if they are part of the work area. It is the only way to prevent pests and infections. These professional cleaning standards affect plates, ovens, cold rooms, floors, and tiles, among other surfaces and machines.


The cleaning regulations in bars and restaurants may experience adjustments and variations, which are promptly notified through the usual channels. Therefore, it is critical to stay informed about any new surface treatment or product developments that relate to the intended use and materials of each component.

Failure to do so can lead to administrative sanctions and even proceed to the closure of the establishment.

In order to conform to all regulations, it is vital to attend to the cleaning process in all areas. Plan to do some tasks every day at intervals.

Daily cleaning: Any surface that has or will have contact with food must be clean before proceeding to said contact. As well as processing machines. They must also perform daily cleaning. Perform daily cleaning on the floors, workstations, and any used kitchenware.

It’s important to choose the right disinfectant depending on the type of surface and dirt they have.

They must do it thoroughly and do not omit this cleaning under any circumstances. 

  • Clean cutlery, crockery, and kitchenware at a temperature of at least 80°C, so they will need a dishwasher to do this. Schedule surfaces from time to time, for deeper general cleaning. We should place special emphasis on nooks and corners, where daily cleaning may not be enough.
  •  In areas that are not being worked on, but may accumulate dirt, clean tiles, high ends, and areas where there are no working areas. Keep extractor hoods, cold rooms, and similar elements in perfect clean conditions. Sanitized as often as necessary and always with suitable products to guarantee the disinfection of everything.
    •  Personal cleanliness: The personnel in charge of handling any food must take extreme precautions to carry out their work.

      Cross-contamination needs to be avoided during the day and cleaning work should be done with clean hands after using the toilet.

      If you are to clean, you must use suitable protective clothing and elements, different from those used for handling. You cannot combine the tasks with garments that have been in contact with food or chemicals.

      Throw away gloves, for instanceand use them whenever necessary
      Cleaning professionals must receive proper training about the surfaces they will treat, the tasks they will perform, and the products they will use to expose threats.

      Failure to do so can lead to administrative sanctions and even proceed to the closure of the establishment.

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