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Cooking Tips For Your Chef

Introduction: What makes cooking skills and art?

Almost everyone loves to eat. but, this eating experience would not have been this special without a chef knowing to cook well. That is why we often call cooking an art, besides being a life skill.

Cooking makes you control the food you love. It is fun to have a good dish after a tiring day. Cooking makes you expressive of your creativity, it defines who you are, because your culture is unique and so is the food. When you cook something, your skills get reflected on the plate. Unlike the other artistic mediums which involve one or two senses, cooking involves all the senses and expands their capacity. 

A chef’s creativity knows no limits, that is the reason he is the most important part of your restaurant. Want to make cat-shaped cookies? Your chef is on the rescue. Trying hard to match the food with your restaurant’s theme? Your chef will make it easier. Therefore, it is very essential that the chef you are hiring knows some effective tips to make the food not only tasty but interesting as well. 


Tips for a tastier food


  1. Prepare the garlic and onion paste only at the last minute when actually required, otherwise, they might lose their odors and your food might not have an attractive smell. Soak the sliced veggies in baking soda and water to remove the pungent, strong odor. Remember to wash them well.
  2. The lean proteins like chicken and seafood taste even better when seasoned with sugar, and this is a very underrated tip. Use the sugar in a very low amount so that it does not make the dish sweet. 
  3. For bread pies, more browning means more taste. Do not take the bread out of the oven unless the exterior turns deep golden brown in color. This color development adds more flavor to them. 
  4. Seasoning makes a dish. Take your food to the next step by toasting and grinding your spices. Add extra seasoning to the cold food than the hot ones. Add a splash of wine, lemon, or vinegar as acid is equally important for the taste balance.
  5. Do not stir the food constantly. Let the hot pan do the part. 


Professional tips for a better cooking


There are several factors other than an excellent recipe and a good cook which make it tastier. No matter how experienced your chef is, he must remember certain things while or before starting a recipe. Here are some:


  1. Wrap the cheese in fresh, new plastic wrap every time you use it, otherwise, it will not be properly wrapped. It might damage the quality of your cheese and you might not use it again.
  2. Taste the food while cooking. As you cook, the rate of evaporation increases, and the salt becomes more concentrated, adding to the taste. You will know the amount of seasoning through this.  The strength and intensity of flavor are also checked by this method.
  3. Invest in a good knife. For a chef, a knife is everything. A sharp, pointed knife saves time and is more effective. Keep differently shaped knives for various purposes other than chopping or cutting.
  4. Even when you turn off the fire, the food continues to cook itself. So, be very critical about the timing. Take the protein before it is fully cooked out of the oven, otherwise, it will go overcooked. 
  5. Wasting too many ingredients means you are careless and lazy. Learn food management, because if you waste more, you will need more. In a world where people strive for a full meal, not wasting food becomes your social responsibility. 




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