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Different type of silver anklet styles every Indian woman must know

Anklets are essentially a close cousin of our very personal payals. Therefore, bootees are a modern model of our Indian payals. The excellent factor about anklets is that they complement each variety of attire. In the time when Indo-Western outfits do the spherical in the fashion world, you can easily pair an anklet with any Indian outfit and create a declaration look. Otherwise, you can continually flaunt any lovely anklet design with western clothes like summer season dresses, denim dresses, ankle-length maxis, cropped jeans, and whatnot? For a more glamorous occasion, you can put on a bling anklet to accomplish your look.

Here are a few silver anklet designs; by wearing them you can attenuate your look.

  • Beaded anklets

As the name says, these foot bracelets have been made with numerous single-color, two-color, or multiple-color beads. Therefore, they appear very cool and casual. You can wear these foot bracelets at an informal event like brunch, a get-together, a seaside party, etc. These anklets give you an ideal look with summer clothes as they are very colorful. However, they come in a plethora of designs.

  • Chain anklets

These anklets are very stylish and classy. Therefore, you can wear these booties on any occasion. If it is an informal occasion, you can keep it simple with a two-layered anklet design sans any embellishment. If it is an extra glamorous event like a birthday celebration or festival, you can put on a multiple-layered anklet with little gilding dangling from the chain like studded charms, beads, etc. However, it offers the ankle a more elaborated appearance, making you party-ready.

  • Studded anklets

If you are looking for the best anklet designs for a glam occasion, you can go with studded anklets. You can find these bootees in any jewelry store. These sorts of foot chains are studded with brilliant crystals and stones, giving them a heavier look. Therefore, you can raise them flawlessly with bling outfits and stilettos. They come in many stunning designs. However, you can wear these foot chains with modern and traditional attire. If you do not think of splurging on this piece of jewelry, you can even think about buying a diamond-studded anklet.

  • Beach anklets

Are you planning a vacation at a seaside resort? Therefore, ensure that you need to pack fashionable beach bootees to create a bold fashion statement. Beach anklets are very sublime and voguish. They are bold and beautiful. Beach anklet designs are thick, daring, and colorful. However, they are commonly studded with giant beads or shells, as they no longer get ruined in water. But, this does no longer hinder you from carrying them on different occasions. You can put on them with any informal outfit.

  • Woven anklets

If you have a penchant for Bohemian accessories, you can go for woven bootees. The best thing about woven food chains is that they come in many alluring designs and are very inexpensive. You can purchase them in several colors and patterns-single color, multicolor, plain, embellished, beaded, etc. Therefore, they are wonderful for informal occasions.

These are a few silver anklets designs that every woman must know. So, wear these designs to give yourself a beautiful look. 



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