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Do You Think Dubai Is A Better Place For Your Real Estate Needs?

Let us figure out the fundamental reason for buying real estate in any corner of the world. Among all the products that you go on to purchase real estate seems to be a worthy and lucrative investment on all counts. Even Jumeriah Lake towers apartments for rent provide you with the best luxury facilities. So as to have an idea of whether it is worth investing in a real estate property in Dubai let us figure out the reasons in detail.

Among all the products that you go on to purchase in cash Real estate works out to be the top draw on all counts. The main reason why it tends to arise is due to the fact that the population of the world keeps on growing. There are an ample number of lands to go to when someone goes on to purchase the property. So, the question is why not purchase things at your own end?

Reasons why the real estate market of Dubai has picked up momentum

  • A clean city-

The city of Dubai is aware of how to keep the roads or even the communities to be clean. An example is thousands of people are know to use public transport on the eve of New Year. Everyone is center  around the city of Dubai. Where they can witness the biggest fireworks in the tallest building in the world. The best part is that you are not going to find a single loose piece of paper lying on the streets the next morning.

  • Family neighbourhood-

Ever since its inception Dubai has always been a family town. Each and every community is plan for the betterment of families in Dubai. The leading suburban train is the Dubai metro which connects you to the length and breadth of the city.

  • Transport-

All the major places in Dubai are connect with a network of transport facilities. It can be in the form of taxis, and buses to name a few. One of the popular modes of transportation is the Dubai metro which connects the place to the length and breadth of the city.

  • Necessary infrastructure-

Dubai is know to have excellent health, education and leisure facilities. Even the network of medical centres and hospitals is immense. The place is know to have the best schools along with colleges. Apart from that some of the popular and top-quality universities are found in this part of the world. Most of them have gone on to set up their campuses in this part of the world.

  • Security-

No doubt to the fact that Dubai happens to be one of the safest and most secure places in the entire world. The local police are know to be strict when it comes to the implementation of law and order. The strict regulations have a definite role to play here. Even the place is known to be free from any external form of threats.

Can you purchase a property in Dubai as a holiday home?

In the real estate market of Dubai, vacation homes are likely to thrive in a major way. The destinations are numerous and it would be fair to say that you are spoilt in terms of choices. When it comes to choosing the best one. If you are looking for an apartment for rent in JLT or intend to purchase one there are numerous benefits.

  • There is no taxes when it comes to your property- a real estate investor is not know to pay any form of government taxes on the property. Though the rental is not enough to cover these expenses and it is going to be available every time when you visit Dubai
  • Obtain a resident visa- one of the major benefits of investing in the real estate market of Dubai is that you obtain a resident visa. The value of the property has to be more than 1 million Dm for you to obtain a resident visa in the UAE. If you happen to be a regular visitor to Dubai it does make sense to obtain a resident visa. As there are no restrictions on the number of times you enter the country. Otherwise, there is also a scenario you need to be renewing your visa within the stipulated time frame. Just make sure that you renew the permit after the expiry period.
  •  It is a place that is sunny all the year round- Being in the midst of the desert. Dubai boasts of sunny weather all around the year. Though rainy days tend to emerge once in a year a couple of times. Most of the sunny beaches of Dubai are a mere walking distance from your property. For sure it is an excellent form of entertainment
  • Beautiful scenes- It is seen that Dubai is one of the largest malls in the world that is the Dubai mall. Even the tallest building in the world is found here. And some of the tallest buildings have set up their base here. So you will come across a spectacle when you are in Dubai. Along with it the night life of the city is a vibrant one on all counts.


It is always better to purchase a property in Dubai as a form of an investment. One thing is for sure it may turn out to be an assurance for the future. This is an ideal way to park your funds and allows you to cash in on the obtaining a further rental income on your property. Firstly investing in a property in Dubai is bound to provide you with substantial returns. It stands no comparison with the advanced countries of the world. In some of the regions of Dubai the rental income is know to exceed 10 % that is indeed remarkable in a lot of ways. Secondly the buildings in Dubai are know to cost less in comparison to any country of the world. So it is an attractive investment destination on all counts.

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