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E-commerce: The Rules Of Picture Marketing!

Did you know that more than half of people with Internet access prefer to shop online? And this rate continues to grow. It is therefore crucial that e-commerce websites present their products in the best possible way. Get in touch with Best Ecommerce Solutions Agency in London.  Discover in the rest of this article the services of a product photographer and the basic rules of this discipline.

What is a Product Photographer?

A product photographer is a specialist who takes photos using specific techniques to accurately and attractively represent a product: like, a product photographer will help you boost your conversion rate through consistent images. and quality. A professional product photographer thus uses specific techniques such as picture marketing. .

Basic rules of picture marketing in E-commerce

Picture marketing is a specialty in its own right in photography. A successful marketing photo makes you want to get to know you, to meet you, to buy your products, to differentiate yourself from the competition Here are the basic rules of this method.

Use a clean and consistent background

Consistency is key when it comes to product photography. Using the same background for your product images will keep your website clean and organized.

Choosing your background color should depend on the color palette of your products and your website. The goal is to bring your product to life by minimizing defects in the background. Use a sweep to reduce these flaws precisely and bring your image to the fore.

Choose between natural and artificial light

Because both are possible! And each has its specificities when it comes to highlighting a product.

Natural light

Natural light refers to sunlight. Take advantage of sunlight when photographing products, especially if they are going to be used outdoors. On the other hand, be careful to avoid adding natural light to a photo that is already artificially lit. This can potentially make small product details unclear due to this overexposure.

Artificial light

Use artificial light if you want to highlight the physical details of your products on your e-commerce site. For example, if you are selling jewelry with intricate details, we recommend using artificial lighting. The luminous bulbs show all the details of the product and refine them under the effect of the light they project.

Since artificial light accentuates product detail , as before, be careful to avoid putting artificial light on an already naturally lit photo. The 2 together do not mix!

Highlight all product details

Online shopping limits buyers who only see your product through the images you provide. Shoppers can’t smell, touch, or try your products like they might in a physical store. This is why it is crucial to clearly present all product details, no matter how small. Customers visiting your site want to see everything the product has to offer before making a purchase decision.

Take a variety of images of your products uploaded

It may seem obvious, but it is so important. Take multiple images of your product! This will allow you to show your customers all the details. Shoot from multiple angles and, if possible, show the product in use. Customers who shop online not only appreciate high-quality images, but also a variety of images to browse.

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