Event cleaning: a guide to preparing for it

Event cleaning is one of those invisible, yet important aspects of the smooth running of an event. The planner or the project manager must think about it well before the big day. Like the rest of his duties, this requires the implementation of a well-studied and elaborate plan. In order to best meet the expectations of your customers, ask them for their opinions on the subject in a brief survey.



  • Event cleaning: what should be done before the big day?
  • Venues must remain polished throughout the event
  • After the event: most of the event work
  • Who is in charge of event cleaning?

Event cleaning: what should be done before the big day?

Start with a site visit to get an overview of the event cleaning that awaits you. What are the corners on which it will be necessary to insist, which are the zones where it will be necessary to return from time to time? etc You need to know where you are stepping. Next, set clear standards . Your team cannot guess your expectations, you must be explicit in what you say.

For example, do you want your toilet to be spotless at all times? The team must therefore spend on it over what time interval during the event? Stay objective and set achievable and measurable standards . They should suit your budget as well as the time you have available. Also be aware that event cleaning standards are flexible depending on the concept itself as well as the location where the event is taking place. Expectations at a gala differ from those at a rock festival, for example. 

Waste management is also an important aspect of the event cleaning process. For an eco-friendly event , recycling and sorting bins are essential. Define their number as well as the emptying system throughout the event. 

Once the standards are established, turn them into an action plan . Define what to do before, during and after the event. You must ensure that the premises are clean before the arrival of the guests. Synchronize the work of your teams and your service providers so that the various logistical and decorative installations come before cleaning. Then, before opening the doors, check that everything is clean according to the standards. 

Venues must remain clean throughout the event

This aspect is already in your action plan, but it must be clear. Nothing is predictable during an event. A guest may spill their drink or other accidents may occur. In this case, you must already have a procedure to follow that your event cleaning team will apply immediately.

High traffic areas like restrooms and entrances should be cleaned several times during the event. Define how often and when so that this work does not disturb your participants. Tip to remember: install as many garbage cans and recycling bins as possible in order to limit the number of emptying operations required.

After the event: most of the event work

For this step, we suggest you think about additional staff, especially if you are organizing a large event. See with the people in charge on-site how much time you have to put everything back in order.

Event cleaning, therefore, consists of eliminating all stains and accumulated garbage. Floors, walls and all other surfaces should be cleaned with a fine-toothed comb. The bathrooms, the kitchen, the entrance hall, don’t forget anything. Provide as much equipment and cleaning products as possible. If your event is outdoors, consider pressure spraying and sidewalk sweeping.

Who is in charge of event cleaning?

Request the services of a professional team for event cleaning. If necessary, you can set up a special recruitment campaign to create your own staff. However, it will also be necessary to think about their training. In any case, the number of people to hire depends on the volume of work to be done, the space to be cleaned, and the frequencies required.

For waste disposal, book your waste carrier in advance to avoid piling up the waste on-site. Check if the provider would be available to make additional trips to meet your needs. Together, plan a place to store recyclables until pickup.


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