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Feeling powerless in digital competition? Adopt these 5 tips for sure success

5 best tips to beat the competition


Competition is a healthy way to introduce excellence and chase perfection. However, many times it becomes quite annoying when you find it almost impossible to get an upper edge over your competitors. Many times it happens in the digital space and you start feeling powerless. Don’t worry, in this post, you will find some tips in a proper sequence to form a strong strategy to pace ahead of your competitors:

Use spy tools to track the top pages of your competitor

Today there are many tools to track the top-performing pages/materials of your competitors. We have compiled a quick list of 3 such tools that come with a freemium model, that is you can start using their free version with basic capabilities and if it seems fine to you then you can decide to buy the premium version. With these tools, you can quickly capture the top-performing pages of your competitors.


Conduct a thorough content assessment to find value gaps

Carefully go through the content and identify their weak and strong points. Jot down these points and calmly think if you can come up with a more valuable article than the present ones? For that you need to carefully identify the value gaps, find if there is shoddy or unfriendly formatting and see if the present material is easily comprehensible by any layperson. Acting on these details creates the material with higher value delivery and clear practical instructions along with any technical details or tools that might be needed. If possible you can also create and manage a WordPress blog that is solely dedicated to publishing educative content as it allows you to connect better with your potential clients.

 Pro tip: Along with reviewing the content on your own website or blog you also need to conduct a thorough review of content on social media channel to increase engagement on Instagram, facebook and other platforms.

Craft the value-added content to meet the expectations of potential clients

Another thing is to include the extra assets to make your ideas align well with the users’ intent. For instance, someone planning to buy slim mobile phones would like to see the images as well to make the final decision. Likewise, one who is seeking slim phones with sophisticated features to see images as well as a precise feature list with stats and facts like RAM, Battery life, Storage, Camera, etc? In that case, you need to add a detailed table about specific characteristics of the phone as well.


Support your content with visual assets

Depending upon this information you can pick the formats and details of the information you wish to include- like images, infographics, videos, how-to steps, and comparison charts among others. The objective is to offer the format that most efficiently addresses the concern of the reader and help them I taking Th buying decision. Such content helps in increasing the conversion rate.


Create a keyword journey to plan your strategy 

The next thing is to create a well formulate journey for every keyword for a specific web page. Now, this is more detailed and demanding than it seems to be. You wouldn’t like to limit your efforts to the main keywords only but to strategically use related keywords and hyponyms to enjoy the best potential of your keyword strategy. For that, you have to plan the full-fledged campaigns with a more definite structure and defined journey. Schedule your blog posts accordingly. It is always best to define the fine points like strategy. goals, deliverables, and needful actions in advance to help you pace towards your target in a definite manner and confident gait. Thankfully various tools make it easier for you to create high potential strategies for your campaigns.


Every business has a dream to grow and enjoy a unique position in the market. However, many times the competition becomes too tough to handle. In that case one might easily get disoriented. However, with the calm mind and some wise strategies you can easily make things easier and build a strong position in the market.

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