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As the usage potential of social media platforms increased, there were significant innovations in marketing and advertising trends, especially Instagram, we can say that it leads the way in the increase of sales in this dimension, of course, with the right use and strategies. We think that every business can achieve success on different social media platforms, but in this article, we will give tips on how e-commerce sites can make their business more effective with Instagram and what strategy they should follow.

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Assuming that there is an important market area in the promotion of your product, service, and brand with Instagram’s 1 Billion monthly active users, you need to have moves that will take you one step ahead of your competitors.

So, which Instagram features can help you grow or enrich your e-commerce business?

1 – Clickable Hashtags and Links

The first central point of communicating with your potential audience and customers is the bio area of ​​your business profile page, the description area, and the link section. Clickable links are required to direct your customers or other people interested in your brand to the web page.

So how should I add a link to the link section? If you ask, you can consider our suggestions below, so you can add them as a link to the right communication şişli escort

  • Single Product Sales Page
  • Gift, Promotion Page
  • Restocked Products
  • New collection
  • Special Offers
  • Draw etc. activities

Is it possible to add more than one link? For those who are wondering, by adding a single link, you can redirect to your other links from the link you added. You can contact us for specific support in this regard. As Influencer Agency, we offer software support.

The use of hashtags can be used for slightly different purposes. The brand defines itself with a hashtag and allows its customers to share products with this hashtag while sharing them. In this way, the brand will have different implications. You can collect your customers in a single tag and share them on the website, customers may want to see other people using this product, especially if there is a celebrity or phenomenon, and by spreading the hashtag, it reaches more people by creating a new image.

2- Using Instagram Stories

Instagram stories, which have attracted great attention since 2016, are published differently from normal pictures and videos and remain on your profile for 24 hours and then disappear, but if you turn on the archive feature from the settings, the archive will be kept for you to add to the featured section later.

It uses the story field to produce e-commerce sites and entertaining content, add product images and publish actionable messages on many topics from phenomena and their work.

How can stories affect the growth of your e-commerce brand?

  • You can develop a more personal relationship with your customers. You can send calls to action to get messages from them.
  • You can make your brand more visible by providing regular story sharing.
  • You can analyze your data about the most viewed story types and continue to share about them.
  • You can pin your most viewed content to featured images.
  • If you are a new brand, you can publish messages from your customers on your page to gain their trust.
  • You can increase story views with the location notification and tag you will use in your stories.

3- Using IG TV

We can only create and send 1-minute videos on Instagram accounts, but this time may not be enough for us. Allowing 1 hour of video sharing, IG TV has an important interaction area on Instagram. With regular use, you can see its significant effects on your brand.

Ways to link your IGTV and e-commerce site,

  • You can provide a review of the latest products.
  • You can share your retail stores.
  • You can collaborate with influencers, produce special content for them and share them on your page, in this way, you can watch your videos with known faces.
  • You can humorously show important topics.
  • You can include interviews with important people from your team.

4- Stories – Swipe Up Feature

The only place where you can get your customers to take action within 15 seconds and link them directly is through Instagram stories and the swipe-up feature. The main purpose of this feature is to provide a summary as in news sites and we need to click on the news detail to see more. It works with the same logic. For this, we need to have 1000 or more followers.

You presented a product in your story and it arouses interest in your customers and allows them to buy the product. For example, go to your website and filter the products, add the dynamic link that will be created in the URL section as a link, so you can filter only red women’s shoes in the form of “Red Color Women’s Shoes” and provide a special fashion combination for the New Year.

5- Live Broadcasts

How many brands do I follow based on ourselves? We can make a brief introduction to the subject with our question. It is also very difficult to follow a brand because people want to connect on a personal level, so the Live Broadcast feature is very successful in capturing this connection. Instagram is a feature that allows you to communicate with your followers in real-time using live broadcasting, so what you can do is,

  • Product unboxing/unpacking, Product introduction
  • Q&A with an authorized person or phenomenon representing the brand
  • Opportunity products announced in the live broadcast
  • Important announcements
  • Organizing small surprise contests on live broadcast

Also, since there is real-time interaction, you can read the messages sent by the followers and answer their questions. It will be extremely useful to interact with your audience and make you feel like a part of your brand’s family.

6- Instagram AR Technology – Creating Brand-Specific Effects

We have all encountered different effects of Instagram and even made stories using them. Since 2019, Instagram allows brands to create their effects. In this way, brands create their own effects, increasing brand awareness and popularity.

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