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How to Choose an Air Fryer? A Complete Guide

If you want to gain knowledge on how to choose an air fryer, there are many things to consider.

First, choose the type of air fryer that you prefer. Basket fryers are healthier as they channel the juices and fat away from the food.

However, you cannot inspect the food without opening the containers and letting in cold air. This can slow down the cooking process.

However, bowl air fryers have glass lids that allow you to keep an eye on the food. The cooking juices are still in the oven and can be absorbed by the food. This makes it more delicious but less healthy.

Air Fryer Size Consideration

Air Fryer 4

You will need to verify the oven’s capacity. You should look at the capacity of your air fryer if you are cooking for more than four people. A larger model will hold approximately 6.5 quarts/ 6 litres. 

For couples, a design with a capacity of 2.5 quarts/ 2.5 litres is sufficient. The best air fryers have multiple compartments, so you can cook multiple dishes at once.

Air fryers with multiple cooking options are great for reducing the clutter in your kitchen. You should also consider whether an air fryer has smart features which allow you to turn it on and off using your smartphone.

How to Choose an Air Fryer According to the Price Range?

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Air frying takes less time to heat than traditional ovens and also requires less electricity. These benefits are discussed in our investigation into the question, “Do air fryers consume a lot of electricity?” ‘.

Modern air fryers have a pull-out drawer and a crisper tray inside. This is similar to oven or fryer trays. This allows for any oil residue to be removed, which reduces the final fat content of the plate. You can also use the handle to shake the food halfway through cooking for even distribution of crispiness.

You can even set different settings on feature-rich models like Stok Air Fryer to cook different foods at the same. Check out our guide on how to get the best from your air fryer.

You will also enjoy many other benefits when you switch to an air fryer, such as the lack of cleanup when cooking oily foods like sausages. Even if you make a mess, we have an article that will show you how to clean your air fryer.

Even though there are many benefits to an air fryer, not all kitchens will be the same. For those with limited space, one option is to look into the best Instant Pots and alternative multi-cookers. These include models that replicate the effects of an air fryer.

Are Air-Fried Foods Healthier?

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Air fryers are healthier than deep-frying. But there’s no doubt that they use less oil than deep-frying. Air frying is possible with some foods that are frozen or contain naturally occurring fats like Chicken Wings. Fries, potatoes, and other traditional crisp foods may require oil. However, the amount of oil required varies from one air fryer to another.

According to our tests, the manufacturer’s instructions recommended a minimum of 1 tsp to 1 tbsp oil for every 500g of fries (1.1lb/500g). If you’re looking to reduce oil consumption, we recommend that you verify how much oil is needed before purchasing a particular model. You must also remember that the healthiness and safety of what you put in your air fryer will depend on what you put in it. Find out how healthy air fryers are.

What Are Some of the Things You Can Cook in an Air Fryer


You can cook a variety of dishes in the air fryer. These include chicken wings, fries, and roast potatoes. Because they are the same as traditional fan ovens, you can make any dish that you would like to cook.

You can fry frozen foods, mini pizzas or even gnocchi and ravioli in an air fryer. In less time than an oven, you can make delicious brownies in the air fryer.

We spent over 12 months trying to make some of our favourite dishes using this kitchen tool. An air fryer is a great option for fried chicken and pork belly. It was also the best method to make cinnamon rolls and Krispy Kreme-style doughnuts.

If you love fries and are unsure how to choose an air fryer, we have some great advice on our best air fryer in India guide.

Air fryers are useful as an oven substitute as well. They are easier to use than a stove, and you don’t have to keep an eye on them or turn them over before they burn. We found that grilled cheese and French Toast work well in this kitchen gadget.

Air Fryers Can Cook Almost Anything


There are many foods that you can prepare in an air fryer. However, there are certain items you should not put in the cooking device. Foods dipped into the batter will cause the batter to slide off and create a mess in your frying pan.

Anything light, such as a slice of bread or leafy vegetables, will likely get blown around in the cooking cavity and won’t brown and crisp evenly.

Large pieces of meat such as whole chickens will also clog the air frying drawer, preventing hot air from circulating, resulting in uneven crispiness and browning.

An air fryer is a great way to cook red meat to a medium or rare degree. This appliance cooks faster than traditional methods and will likely be ready before the outside is browned.

Also, you can easily improve your eating habits with this gadget. We hope this guide on how to choose an air fryer helped you get sufficient knowledge.

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