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Digital Marketing

How to Combine Social Media and Content Marketing

With the emergence of new digital marketing strategies every week, it’s hard to decide on any one strategy that would yield the best results. You can combine various strategies to make your marketing efforts a success. One of the best ways to drive results for your business is by integrating content and social media marketing. Integrating content and social marketing campaigns can widen your audience reach, thus increasing your brand visibility, boosting your search engine rankings, and helping you acquire new leads. With the help of a social media marketing agency, you can ignite social media and content marketing platforms to get the best results.

In this blog, we will discuss the ways to integrate your social media and content marketing campaigns.

1. Set a common identity 

If you want a solid and consistent brand identity, your social media and content marketing campaigns must have a common voice and identity. Develop a cohesive brand identity prior to working on your social media and content marketing strategies. For this, you can develop a customer persona. A customer persona will familiarize you with the type you must create to attract an audience. Social media proposals can help you personalize your brand.

2. Ask for feedback through social media 

There are various ways to share your content on social media. The simplest way is to name your social media post on the blog title and post a link to the blog.

3. Leverage cross-promotion

Promote your content across various social media and content marketing platforms. You can share your blog post link on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to attract a wider audience base.

4. Post your content more than once 

Do not hesitate to share more than once if you have created something killer. Such content can drive instant leads and conversions. If your contact is appealing and attractive, the users won’t feel disinterested to see your post again. Also, it will boost the chances of your content being shared by other users.

5. Repurpose your content 

Repurposing content refers to customizing your current content. It’s not just about republishing the same content over and again. Instead, it’s about understanding the specification of various social media platforms and creating content accordingly. Make sure you use identical keywords across all the platforms and do rank tracking to identify the keywords that must be ranked at the top.

6. Monitor performance 

Content marketing involves consistent tracking and monitoring of performance. Tracking content will help you know the content that engages users and help you stay abreast of the latest trends and updates. Examining the performance is also crucial to know the best time to post to drive maximum engagement.


Integrating social media and content marketing strategies can help your business reach new heights. Almost 80% of people use social media and content marketing platforms. Combining these platforms can be a win-win situation for you and your audience.

With these strategies, you can seamlessly integrate your social media and content marketing campaigns, thus effectively reaching your marketing goals. If you need any help with your social marketing, you can reach out to Whizamet. It’s one of the Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Germany, which can help you build an active marketing funnel that generates leads and boosts conversion rates.

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