How to Deny Access to USB Ports? Know the Techniques

Eagerly looking for a solution on how to deny access to USB ports? Worry not. Because we have brought an expert-recommended solution to put a stop to all your “how to restrict access to USB ports?” worries.
And for the users who are looking for a manual solution. We have got stuff for them as well. We will also be sharing one manual method to disable USB ports here.

In this article, we share ways – how to deny access to USB ports. A trusted solution that is the USB Blocker Software from SysTools as well as one manual method for all the users. Use either according to your requirement/s.

There is no doubt that cyber crimes have been rising by the day. Along with that, hackers are getting more and more creative with their tricks to steal the precious data of people. In consequence, they have come up with USB-based attacks.

A USB-based attack is the transferral of malicious software into your device through a USB device. Although there are various types of USB-based attacks, here we will discuss the ones that are done via a USB drive.

Attacks through USB drives have become pretty common these days. How this work is that a USB drive is purposefully infected by a hacker and then, they connect it to your computer/laptop in your absence.

This arises a myriad of threats for users. We have mentioned a few below.

Threats Due to Not Denying Access to USB Ports

  • An infected USB drive can install malware like spyware or ransomware in the user’s computer.
  • Spywares would collect all your sensitive information and pass it to the hacker, without your knowledge.
  • Malicious software can acquire access to your webcam, keyboard or microphone.

Therefore, if you ever become a victim of a USB-based attack, these threats could cause significant damage. In order to prevent that from happening, one must always lock USB ports.

Methods on How to Deny Access to USB Ports

Though there are multiple ways you can lock USB ports, here we will be sharing one manual method and one with an automated solution. Choose whichever you find right for you.
First, we will discuss the manual method and then, we will proceed to the method which includes an automated tool.
But before we proceed any further with the manual technique. You must be aware that it has certain limitations that restrict users from choosing the manual method.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  • It is a lengthy process. Not all users want to spend so much time disabling USB ports.
  • It is repetitive which confuses a lot of users. Thus, most users cannot execute this method properly.
  • And the major drawback is that this method is plain and manual. Which means one can manually re-enable the USB ports again. There is no security whatsoever.

Let’s proceed with the steps to conduct the method.

How to Deny Access to USB Ports with a Manual Approach

This manual technique involves using the device manager on your computer to disable the USB ports. To carry forward with this method, follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

  1. Right-click on the Windows Icon on your computer’s taskbar.
  2. Select Device Manager.
  3. In the device manager, scroll down to the Universal Serial Bus Controllers (USB) option and Expand it.
  4. Next, select a USB port and right-click on it.
  5. Select the Disable option.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on each USB port that you want to disable.
  7. Restart your device to see the applied changes.

So this was the manual method to disable USB ports. You can use this method if you possess the technical knowledge and the time to execute it in a proper manner. However, if you want to avoid all the hassle that comes with this method, check out the next method.

How to Deny Access to USB Ports with a Professional Tool

Finally, we have come to the long-awaited solution to the question of how to deny access to USB ports. Lock USB ports in an effortless manner with an amazing tool to put all your worries to sleep. Disable USB ports in a quick few steps. Below are the steps to conduct the procedure.

Steps to disable USB ports:

  1. In the software window, enter your email address to receive an OTP. Validate the provided email with the received OTP.

    how to deny access to USB ports

  2. In the next screen, create a Master Password. Re-enter to confirm it.

    create a master password to deny access to USB ports

  3. Next, head toward the Block tab. Click on the Block button to restrict access to USB ports.

    click on the block button to deny access to USB ports

  4. Now enter the Admin password and the Master Password that you created at the start. Once that is done, you will get a popup confirmation of USB ports blocked.

    enter master password to deny access to USB ports

    confirmation of successful USB blocking

Locking down access to USB ports has never been this simple. An expert-recommended solution to disable USB ports and save yourself from any data harm.

Let’s Conclude

Save yourself from any kind of data harm or loss. Keep your USB ports disabled, especially in public places. Know how to deny access to USB ports. Thus, in this article, we shared with you different ways you can use to deny access to USB ports. Use whichever seems fit for you. Although to avoid the repetitive and labor some nature of the manual method, experts recommend using professional software.

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