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How to Divide PDF Files Into Multiple Pages?

Do you require a trustworthy method to separate PDF files into several pages? You are unable to identify a solid remedy for this, are you? Don’t stress over it! We’re here to assist you to divide your PDF file straightforwardly and efficiently. Therefore, without a doubt, read the entire post to rapidly get the solution. Let’s first comprehend the user’s request for the same.

Continue reading if you’re looking for answers. The following section will teach you about the most effective procedures for this process.

Method 1:- Divide PDF Into Individual Pages With Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc:- 

An application used to view, create, and manage PDF files is called Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. However, you must get the commercial edition of the PDF-Articlesz if you wish to divide documents. since there is no option to conduct the same action in Adobe Acrobat’s free edition. If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, complete the following procedures to split a PDF file into separate pages-Articlesz:

Take these actions: –

  • Open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and the file you want to split.
  • Then select Split from the Organize Page menu by clicking the Tools option.
  • To divide the PDF file, choose the necessary options in the Split Document by Window: Number of Pages, File Size, and Top-Level Bookmarks.
  • To choose a location to save the new files, click the Output Options button.
  • To split the file, press the OK button one last time.

Method 2:- Divide PDF Files Into Multiple Pages With Automated Tool:-

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, we advise using a third-party application, such as a PDF splitter. It can quickly split a huge PDF file into separate files with a few mouse clicks. Additionally, the tool gives you a variety of choices, including:-

  • Dividing a PDF by page number
  • Divide a PDF into pages.
  • Divide It up a PDF by Page Range
  • Split PDF by odd pages
  • Divide a PDF into even pages
  • Divide up PDFs by size

Take these automatic actions: –

  1. Launch the tool after downloading it.
  2. After that, select Split to divide the huge PDF file.
  3. To load the PDF files, select the Add Files and Add Folder option.
  4. Next, check the box next to the Split file by each page button.
  5. Select Change and enter the place where you want the generated files to be saved.
  6. Press the Split button to begin the procedure after finishing.

Principal Features:

  • The program does not place any limitations on file sizes.
  • The integrity of the data is preserved when merging PDF files
  • support for password-protected PDF file splitting and merging.
  • allows you to join different PDFs based on a page range.
  • Allow users to separate the merged PDF file into smaller portions.
  • Keep the file layout and attachments intact when producing PDF files-Articlesz.

As a result:-

We have briefly covered how to split PDF files into numerous pages in this article. Both manual and automatic approaches to doing the same tasks have been discussed. The manual process has a lot of drawbacks, as has already been mentioned. So, we’ve introduced software that can assist you in every manner and make your job simpler.

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