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How to identify clogged plumbing?

Plumbing Clogged

The clogged plumbing generates a huge inconvenience in homes, in large proportions in commercial establishments and can even lead to the stoppage of industrial production lines.

The proper functioning of the plumbing is paramount, if any damage is caused to the piping system, huge problems can arise. This damage can be discreet, virtually invisible, but with great potential for aggravation.

We will present how to identify a clogged plumbing or leakage in pipe from its initial stage and how you can solve this problem.

The plumbing could be not only clogged but also damaged, this situation would be even more problematic.

In both situations, there are different ways to resolve the cases. To understand, we need to know the difference between clogged plumbing and a cracked or damaged pipe.

Difference between clogged plumbing and broken pipe:

The clogged plumbing can be caused by several factors, such as the presence of some unwanted residue, accumulation of dirt and lack of periodic cleaning.

The rupture of a pipe occurs with greater difficulty, however, cases of broken or cracked pipes are still very common.

But there are some particularities between clogged plumbing and damage or rupture in the pipe that will differentiate its identification. Tips Why Your Home Looks Mess

1 – Identification of clogged plumbing:

In this case, the perception of clogged plumbing, even more in light obstructions, can be more subtle than noticing a broken pipe.

Check out some tips and situations that can help you when trying to identify clogged plumbing, see:

  • When showering, washing the bathroom or yard, notice the flow of water. If it is below normal, the plumbing is probably clogged.
  • Always check the drains for hair or debris that could be preventing them from working properly.
  • Listening to the noises emitted by the pipe can also help when detecting the plumbing. Usually, where there is clogging, there is a noise similar to a “bubbling” noise.
  • Look around your home or business and make sure there is no vegetation near the plumbing. The presence of tree roots can be reasons for clogged pipes.

2 – Identification of damaged pipes:

As a rule, in cases of damaged pipes, water will leak. It could be an uncontrollable leak, but it could just be a trickle.

So you should pay attention to noises or water accumulation in regions that normally shouldn’t concentrate water.

What reasons can damage the pipes? How to identify them?

  • Check if there is any work around your residence or establishment. In this type of situation, the unwanted breakage of your pipe may occur.
  • The focus of water in places that are not usually wet is a big indication that your pipe is broken.
  • If there is moisture on the floor or walls, it may be an indication of cracks or rupture in the pipe.
  • The presence of a different and characteristic odor may indicate that there is a rupture of pipes, especially the pipe responsible for the sewage.

Problems with clogged plumbing or damaged piping?

Whether clogged plumbing or damaged piping, they can cause problems proportional to the intensity of what is happening at the moment and aggravation in case of delay of the resolution.

1 – Problems with clogged plumbing:

In clogged plumbing, there is a reduction in drainage capacity proportional to the obstruction, which may compromise its use.

Clogs in plumbing tend to return waste to toilets, sinks, or grease traps. Due to this, they can cause damage to people’s health, in contact with the presence of contaminated water in the affected place.

Clogged plumbing can also cause leaks and even break pipes, causing seepage and damage to walls and floors.

2 – Problems in the damaged pipe:

In the case of damaged pipes, the biggest damage is the waste of water. If not identified and fixed as soon as possible, it can cause huge increases in your water and sewer expenses.

If there is no quick solution to the problem, your account can considerably multiply the amount you are used to paying. So be very careful and pay attention to cracked or broken pipes. For Drain Cleaning in Lubbock Tx

How do you troubleshoot clogged or damaged pipes?

Trying to solve it with homemade solutions will only slow down the process, and can further damage the problem. Therefore, do not adopt measures seen on the internet or popularly said by acquaintances.

In the imminence of clogged plumbing or damaged piping, look for a specialized company to solve the problem.

We has more than 30 years of experience in unclogging, adequate equipment, trained professionals prepared to attend to your occurrence and solve the problem.

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