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How To Open A Locked Door When The Key Is Missing

Knowing how to open a locked door without a key is a useful skill that will come in helpful many times throughout your life. Imagine you’re locked out of your room because you misplaced or damaged your key. What do you do now? An open door is just one of many situations where knowing how to open a locked door without a key comes in handy. Aside from the fact that it’s a cool ability. You’ll have learned something useful that could help prevent house and workplace lockouts. Locking yourself out of your house or room, especially if you have an elderly relative or a crying baby, may be irritating and frightening. Rather than panicking, keep your cool and use these simple ways to open a locked door without a key.

There are several methods for unlocking a door without a key, including:

  1. Bump Key
  2. Cards
  3. Drilling
  4. Door Exploits
  5. LockSmith

Knowing how to unlock a door without a key will help you keep more prepared for the unexpected. Also, the skills you’ll need to open a door without a lock will come in handy in various circumstances. For example, knowing how to get out of a pair of handcuffs or other similar constraints is useful if you are being held against your will. Here are some options for unlocking a door without a key.

Bump Key For Locks 

A bump key is a key with a unique design that appears to actively exploit the key pins and driver pins in a pin tumbler lock. The bump key’s slots and cuts are designed to be as deep as possible to be used on various locks. However, the key must at the very least fit the keyway of safety on which it is being used.

Put the bump key into the keyway and apply pressure with a hammer or screwdriver to bump a lock. The key pins push the driver pins above the shear line due to the force applied to the bump key. If the appropriate amount of torque is exerted at this precise moment, you will be able to open a locked door.


Place the card near the handle between the door frame and the door. Attempt to cram the card as far as possible inside the door, making sure it is perpendicular to the door. Try to get the card to reach the doorknob by tilting it towards it. The closer it gets to the knob, the better because the card will have an easier time forcing the bolt back down.

Now oppositely fold the card to help it reach the angled end of the bolt; while doing so, lean against the door to ensure that it opens swiftly. You can try adjusting the card back and forth until the door opens.

Drilling the Lock

It’s vital to remember that drilling a lock isn’t a simple task, especially if you’re unsure what you’re doing. The procedure should only take a few minutes in most cases, but it can take a long time if the drill is not perfectly aligned at the top of the keyway.

When utilizing this way to open a door without a key. You will need to use some tools, just like other processes. You’ll need an electric or battery-powered drill, a drill bit that’s the right size, lock lubricants, and a screwdriver to drill a lock.

This method aims to defeat the locking mechanism’s core by using brute force. Put another way; you need to drill the lock at the shear line so that the driver needles and key pins that keep the safety in place are forced apart. You’ll be able to rotate the plug and unlock a door without a key once you’ve completed this step. If you don’t know how to open a door locked without the key, call a Residential locksmith in Hillside for proper guidance.

Door Exploits

Getting around your locks by removing your hinges is a more subtle method. Your locks are less likely to damage due to this operation, but it is not completely infallible. This procedure is only applicable to outswing doors with exposed door hinges. Because the hinges are exposed, you can remove the hinge pins holding the door up using a flathead screwdriver. However, be aware that withdrawing your door hinges places all of your door’s weight on your door lock, which may cause the lock bolt to flex out of shape.

Both of these strategies require a small number of instruments. But this is likely countered because the risk is substantially higher. I would advise against using the last option in the broader scheme of things. Although it may get you back into your room or office quickly, there is still a lot of labor to be done after that.


Hiring a locksmith to solve these issues is far more efficient. Then attempt each of the ways above on your own, especially if you are not the most DIY-savvy homeowner. If cost is an issue. A quick check at most conventional locksmith costs will reveal that calling a locksmith is one of the more cost-effective solutions in terms of both time and money. Call a Residential locksmith in Elmwood Park for affordable and better service to open the lock.


Unlocking a door without a key is already a challenging affair. I hope that the points outlined above will help you explore an appropriate solution to any problem, and you unlock a door without a key. If you are not a locksmith, only use these procedures on your door locks that you have been given permission to bypass.

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