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Instagram Marketing Strategies Used By Marketing Services Agency

Regardless of whether you work on Instagram your personal brand, the image of your company or business, all these tips will be very useful.Well, if you really bet on enhancing your presence on this social network in an organized way, you will be able to increase the visibility of your profile, get more followers and increase interactions with your publications. You can get the services of Instagram Influencer Marketing Services Agency.

Start by creating a good Bio

The first point you should pay attention to is the biography. Making it clear who you are, what you do and what services or products you sell will be key for similar users to follow you or not.

Include some emoji in the description and incorporate keywords by which you want potential followers to find you when searching on Instagram.

I recommend adding a call to action (CTA) to encourage everyone who visits your profile to learn more about you or your business.

Add one or more links to your website

If there is something that you should not overlook, it is to add a link to your web page, and that points to the most relevant page or the one that you want to show your visitors first.

In case you want to add more than one link, you can use external tools or create an internal page for this purpose on your own website.

If you choose to use external tools, I recommend using: Linktree, Feedlink, or Sorby.

You will have the option to configure and create a personalized page with several links that point to different pages of your website, all in a quick and simple way.

Post regularly

A key piece within all Instagram Marketing strategies is the editorial calendar.

What do I mean by an editorial calendar, well, having planned in advance according to the objectives set, all the publications that you are going to make?

On the one hand, posting content that adds value on a regular basis will not get past the Instagram algorithm and will increase interactions.

And, on the other hand, you will be able to connect with your target audience and generate more engagement, if you follow a frequency of publications in days and hours in which there is a greater connection from the followers of your account.

Use the stories

A very important marketing tool on Instagram that you should not ignore within your strategy, are the Stories.

Within a social network whose main characteristic is the visual aspect, stories will reinforce your message and enhance engagement with your community.

Take advantage of this resource to humanize your brand and show everything related to your products or services in a closer and more informal way.

Don’t forget to interact with your followers

When a follower spends part of their time reading your post and making a comment, the least you can do is reply or thank them.

Do not make the mistake of publishing and not attending to your followers, not responding or not generating conversation through questions or opinions.

An unvalued user will stop interacting with your account and end up unfollowing you.
Serving your community and generating relationships through Instagram is also a Marketing strategy.

Use hashtags correctly

Using hashtags or tags, users can find your posts.

Therefore, if you use the appropriate hashtags, you will be able to increase the reach of your publications and the visibility of your profile, which will bring you an increase in the number of followers of your account.

I do not recommend that you attack generic hashtags directly, initially, you will get better results if you use smaller and more specific hashtags.

Use and organize story highlights

Another very interesting and useful option on Instagram is to be able to highlight stories and that these are continuously visible on the profile.

I recommend you group the featured stories by themes, products, or services.

Take advantage and create a featured image according to your brand or corporate colors for each of the story groups.

With this customization, you will give your profile a very professional touch, generating a brand image.

Change your profile to a company profile

There are several differences between a personal profile and a company profile that you must take into account when planning your Instagram Marketing strategies.

Having a presence on this social network through a company profile will provide you with accurate information about your audience. Demographic data, age, gender, city, country, and connection hours, number of visits to the profile, and clicks on your website link, number of impressions and reach.

In addition, company accounts have the option to add a contact button, business category, company address, and the use of the Instagram advertising platform in the bio.

Work your profile feed

The first impression is the one that counts, and the first thing a user who enters your profile will see is the bio and the feed.

For this reason, I recommend that you design and work on your feed or wall carefully, coherently, and in an orderly manner.

Choose the format with which you best convey the essence of your brand or business and that at the same time is consistent with your target audience.

Color Feed, Horizontal, Vertical, Checkerboard, Composite Images, Puzzle, or Jigsaw.

From all of them, choose the right one, start editing photos and express your creativity, surely you will be able to make your feed stand out from the rest of your competitors’ walls.

Incorporate the video format in your publications

Taking into account that currently more than 80% of the content consumed on the Internet is in video format, incorporating this resource into your Instagram Marketing strategy will be very efficient.

This way of offering content to your users will increase engagement, as you will be able to connect with your users in a more direct way.

It is also a good method to generate trust and humanize the brand since it allows you to put a face on your company and tell stories in a close way.


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