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Introduction To DevOps | Benefits Of Using It

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To begin with, DevOps is a collection of philosophies, practices, and tools. In addition, this collection helps in making an organization capable of delivering applications and services at a high velocity. Moreover, it helps in improving work throughout the software development lifecycle.

Methods Of DevOps

  • Scrum – Scrum is a framework that defines how the team members should work together to boost the development process and QA projects.
  • Kanban – It is a flow management method that helps in defining, managing, and improving services. In addition, Kanban boards track the software project work in progress (WIP).
  • Agile – Agile software development methods heavily impact DevOps practices. In addition, it also suggests shorter software development lifecycles instead of lengthy, traditional development methods.

DevOps Tool Chain

Users of the DevOps framework use various DevOps-friendly tools known as toolchains. In addition, these tools help in streamlining, shortening, and automating the various stages of the software delivery workflow. Above all, these tools also promote and support automation, collaboration, and integration among the development and operations teams. To further know about it, one can visit the DevOps Online Course in Dubai. Given below are some of the tools in the DevOps toolchain.

  • Plan – It helps in defining business requirements and values. Examples are- Jira, Git.
  • Code – This includes software design and the creation of software code. Examples are- GitHub, GitLab.
  • Built – It helps in managing software builds and versions. Examples are- Docker, Ansible.
  • Test – It involves continuous testing for providing optimal code quality. Examples are- JUnit, Selenium.
  • Deploy – This tool helps in managing, coordinating, scheduling, and automating product releases into production. Examples are- Puppet, Chef.
  • Operate – It helps in managing software during production. Examples are- Ansible, Puppet.
  • Monitor – It includes identifying and collecting information about issues from a specific software release in production. Examples are- New Relic, Datadog.

Benefits Of Using DevOps

DevOps ensures faster and better product delivery along with faster issue resolution and reduced complexity. In addition, DevOps online course provides greater scalability and availability along with a more stable operating environment. Moreover, it results in better resource utilization and greater automation. DevOps facilitates greater visibility into system outcomes and provides greater innovation capabilities. Many institutions provide DevOps Online Certification in Bahrain along with online classes, and one can enroll in them to learn this software tool. Apart from these, given below are some of the benefits of using DevOps.

  • Speed – It is a fast software solution and it ensures frequent deliverables for teams that practice it. In addition, it provides better quality and stability and allows a team to build, test, and deliver software with automated tools.
  • Improved collaboration – This technology results in improving collaboration between developers and operating teams. In addition, it makes the working progress more efficient and saves time in creating code and work handoffs.
  • Rapid deployment – It ensures rapid deployment of products as it increases the frequency and velocity of releases. Moreover, it provides a competitive advantage by removing bugs and creating new products.
  • Quality and reliability – It provides functional and safe changes and results in improving the quality of a software product. In addition, it keeps teams informed about the performance in real-time.
  • Security – DevOps builds security in the products by integrating active security audits and security testing into agile development and DevOps workflows.


In addition, it uses various methods like Scrum, Agile, and Kanban. It consists of a toolchain that helps in promoting and supporting automation, collaboration, and integration among the development and operations teams. Moreover, it provides greater innovation capabilities and results in better resource utilization. In conclusion, it builds security in the products and provides functional and safe changes.

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