Know How to Change Text File to PDF Format – Complete Solution

Overview: In this blog post users will get to know about the solution for how to change the text to a pdf file. Stay tuned with us and read this write-up completely for getting the best solution.

So, let’s get started!!!

Why PDF File is the Top Priority of Users?

We all are aware of the PDF File format. It is a versatile file format developed by Adobe. PDF is the most preferable format for users as it provides an easy and reliable way to present documents.

Also, it is the best security solution for the users to save their data into it. This is the main reason why users always look to change the text to a pdf file.

User Query: Hey! I have multiple text files with me which I wanted to convert into pdf file format. Some of my friends suggested me to go with online applications and some suggested to use professional tool for completing the task of how to change text to pdf file.

Now, I am confused between these two solutions. Is there anyone who can give me clarification regarding these solutions? If yes, then please suggest best suitable solution to perform this conversion task. Thanks in advance!!!

  • Bella, United States

How to Change Text to PDF File by Using Online Applications?

There are many online applications available in the market through which users can accomplish this task. But there is always a risk involved and i.e., losing crucial information. Having a risk of data loss is a big limitation for the users. Also, online applications will take a lot of time to completion of the task. Users having bulk data to convert will have to suffer a lot if they choose to complete the process via online applications.

What are the Limitations of Using Online Tools?

There are multiple drawbacks to using online applications. Some of them are mentioned here:

  1. Does not provide the option to bulk convert text files to pdf format.
  2. There are chances of having data loss
  3. After some time user will have to purchase the tool for converting more files. And it will cost a lot.

Hence, it is better not to use this solution. Using a Professional solution is a much better option than going with the online tools.

Best Professional Solution to Change Text to PDF File Format

After knowing about the drawbacks of online solutions, it is best for every user to use professional solutions. By using the best 4n6 Document File Converter Tool users can easily perform the task of how to change the text to a pdf file.

The best part about this software is it can be used easily by the users, as its graphical user interface is very simple. In fact, a novice user can also use this tool without facing any issues. It will be easy for the users to convert text files to pdf format for better performance.

How to Change Text to PDF File – Get Complete Working Steps

Users have to follow the below–mentioned steps for accomplishing the task in the best possible manner:

  1. Firstly, install and run the 4n6 Text File Converter Tool on your working text files
  2. Now, click on the Document File Option and select the text file from the drop-down menu.
  3. After that, the user can see all the Text files on the software interface. Select required or all files from the interface.
  4. Thereafter, select the pdf saving option by clicking on the Export button for completing the process.
  5. Then, browse the final destination path for saving the output data accordingly.
  6. After completion of the task, the user will get a pop–up box showing the demo limitation.

Trial Limitation: There are two versions of this software. The free demo version of this tool allows users to export and save only 2 items from each folder. Users can however purchase the licensed version of this application for converting more text to change text to pdf file.

Let’s Conclude this Blog

In the above blog post, we have mentioned the best solution for our users through which they can complete the process of how to change the text to a pdf file. We hope that users who were having confusion between online solutions and professional techniques are clear now.

Using automated solutions is best for both technical and non–technical users. We hope after reading this post users will not have to face any kind of issues in completing this conversion procedure.

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