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Know How To Import VCF File To Outlook | 2022 Explained Guide?

vCard file is a format that is mostly used for storing the contacts and contact details like phone numbers, email, addresses, etc. VCF format contains some crucial information about the users. As we all know that contacts play such an important role in our life. Due to the importance of these formats, users search for the solution to import VCF file to Outlook. 

But sometimes users want to import VCF file to Outlook due some reasons and mainly due to the features of Outlook. On the other hand, Outlook has some great features, the main attraction was the import/export option, and there are multiple reasons also why users import VCF to Outlook.  Below you will get the query from one of the users. 

“A few days ago, I was importing the VCF file into Outlook, but I failed in every attempt. Many people told multiple reasons but none of them have worked. Suggest some great techniques to import my VCF contacts”

Reasons Why to Import vCard Contacts to Outlook 

As we said above, the important reasons to import are the Outlook feature and its import/export feature. But some reasons are also responsible to import VCF file to Outlook. Some of the reasons we listed below. 

  • Outlook provides you with the exact and proper information about the VCF contacts.
  • Easy to use, user-friendly interface. 
  • Outlook gives you an option to import/export your files. 
  • Allows syncing with the mobile phone. 

Manual Way to Import your VCF files to Outlook 

In this section, you will know about the manual solution to import VCF file to Outlook. Read this section carefully are you in the search for the free method?  There are two manual solutions available to resolve this query read them carefully and select the solution as per your requirement. 

Technique #1:  Import Several vCard to Outlook

  • Firstly, Open Outlook and go to the contacts. 
  • Find the location of the vCard, using the iMail Web Client exporting multiple VCF file which is stored in a zipped folder. 
  • After this use drag & drop option to the Outlook page. 
  • Now, you can see your VCF contacts in the Outlook application. 

Technique #2: Transfer One File to MS Outlook 

  • Again open Outlook ankara escort bayan selects the file and follows the steps File>>Import/export and then you will get a pop-up of the wizard dialog box. 
  • Now, select the VCF file and hit the next option. 
  • Select the VCF file and go to the next step. 
  • Now in this step, hit the open button to spot the VCF. 
  • In the last, navigation panel you will see the option of your contacts. 

Automated Solution to Import VCF Contacts Easily 

In the above section, you will see the manual solution but there are some limitations also like the very lengthy and time-consuming method, and non-technical users get stuck in this solution. So, to overcome and tackle all these limitations we provide you with the best & easy method to import VCF file to Outlook in a few seconds. vCard Importer Tool.

This utility software not only provides the solution, but it can also help you in multiple situations also. Contains lots of features to import the VCF files without any type of data loss. Provides you multiple features like a preview option to see your selected files before importing them. 

Step By Step Instructions Importing VCF File via Tool 

  • Install the software and Run into your device.

import VCF file to Outlook

  • Select the Add file option and select the files which you want to import.

import VCF file to Outlook

  • View selected files with the help of the preview option which was provided by the tool. 

import VCF file to Outlook

  • Select the save options as per your need. 

import VCF file to Outlook

  • Hit Export to complete importing process. 

import VCF file to Outlook


In this technical guide, we talk about the solution to import VCF file to Outlook you will get the manual and automated solutions to complete this task you can select the solution as per your need. But we highly suggest you the automated procedure keçiören escort to import your VCF files without any type of data loss and quick method. 

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