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Law vs Finance: Which Subject is better for UK Students.

Sometimes comparing things that are not even able to compare makes you insane because everything is somehow beneficial in its own way. There is no need to compare with others because both have different purposes.

Here is the same case when people compare law and finance. Both subjects have their own theory and purposes. These both subjects are totally different from each other. However, both subjects are better because these both will provide you huge benefits if you study well.

Sometimes, students compare them because they don’t know the purpose of both subjects. So, take a look below, you will get to know everything about both subjects.

Law vs finance: which is better?

Both subjects are different from each other and both have their purpose, provide different skills, different courses. Therefore, both can be beneficial. Therefore, below you will find the entire difference between both subjects.

Law vs finance: purpose


  • However, its purpose is to resolve disputes among individuals, but most people understand the law is only about becoming a lawyer, but that’s not true.
  • It will provide information to set the standards
  • Law subjects can also be beneficial for a commercial transaction, business, insurance, etc.


  • The main purpose of finance is to help people to save and raise money
  • It is associated with banks.
  • It is a subject to learn how to manage money and the process of acquiring needed funds.

Law vs finance: courses


In law, courses that can be studied are:

  • Political science(this is the reason, most politicians are lawyers)
  • Psychology
  • English language
  • History
  • Philosophy


Finance courses are:

  • Accounting
  • Business-related subjects
  • Financial management
  • Management courses
  • Financial reporting.

Law vs Finance: Scholarship opportunities


  • Law is a very expensive degree. This is the reason most of the students do not want to start their career in Law subject.
  • Therefore, most countries are encouraging students to start their careers in the law. Even, these countries provide support to those students.


  • Finance is somehow less expensive as compared to the law degree.
  • Although countries also provide scholarships for doing finance subjects, there are very few countries that take full responsibility.

Law vs Finance: career opportunities


  • Law is not only about being a lawyer; it can be a public prosecutor, government counsel, and politician.
  • However, many politicians are a lawyer.
  • Most law students get a government job, however, they can also work as a private but it is not much beneficial for them.
  • Countries like the UK provide huge benefits to law graduates. They allow students to help other students by providing them with law dissertation help services, assignment help services, or any other academic staff. However, the government itself pays them.


  • Finance jobs are lucrative.
  • Finance graduates can become finance managers, risk managers, accounts managers, etc.
  • Finance graduates can work in private industry as well as the government sector.

Law vs Finance: Skills


  • Law subject mostly provides you skills which can be beneficial for the society or country.
  • It will provide you with skills to resolve a dispute, problem through critical thinking.
  • Much beneficial to grow communication skills.
  • It will make you capable of managing a team.


  • Finance is a very vast field; it provides huge skills like accounting, computer, management skills and many more.
  • These skills will not only help in professional life, but they are also very useful in personal life.
  • Enable you to learn about the business, investment procedures, etc.
  • Finance subjects provide huge writing skills through which students can start providing their own services like finance dissertation help services, assignment services related to accounting, management, etc.

Law vs finance: employment ratio


  • Law subject will help you to acquire different skills that are related to different fields
  • These different skills will provide you with huge employment opportunities


  • Finance is a restricted subject.
  • Although you will get different skills, these skills would not be related to different fields.

Law vs Finance: salary


  • As we discussed above, law graduates mostly get government jobs, where they can earn huge amounts of salary.
  • However, private law industries are also a good source of income.


  • Finance subjects can also help to earn lucrative money in careers such as planning, risk management, consulting, etc.
  • Financial analysts are also the better-paid professionals in the field making $100,000 at the start of their careers.

Law vs Finance: Difficulty level


  • Law could seem difficult at the initial stage because at the initial stage it only needs to remember rules and regulations that can be very difficult to remember.
  • As time passed, it becomes more interesting because later it will only base on practical.


  • Finance is more interesting, less tedious at the junior level.
  • Finance is all about basics, once you have enough knowledge about its basics, you will not face difficulties in the future.

Law vs Finance: course duration


  • It depends on the program because undergraduate and postgraduate time duration is different.
  • Graduate-level take up to 2-6 years


  • It also depends whether you are going to do finance in bachelor’s or master’s
  • The Bachelor’s program takes 4 years, 8 semesters.
  • Master’s program is of 2 years, 4 semesters.

Final words:

Law is a subject that will allow you to get information about the laws and regulations that can help you manage your society, your country by telling them the right rules and regulations. While finance is subject that will provide you with information about the business sector. It will give you information on how to manage money, where to invest and how can get a profit from any business.

Although, these both are separate subjects from each other, and it is very complicated to say which is better, but this article will help you to know which suits you and what type of benefit you can get from these subjects in the future, moreover it is suggested to take on the subject you have the most interest in.

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