Making Yourself Look Professional With Custom Outdoor PVC Banner

PVC banners are among the most sought-after products in the market and it’s obvious the reason why! A well-designed and large PVC banner is visually appealing and informative. In terms of cost, it’s hard to beat a PVC banner due to its dimensions and flexibility.

With their eye-let edges, they can be attached to nearly every surface, including fence panels, walls and can be hung from posts. PVC banner printing can be used for many different applications such as backdrops at trade shows, career opportunities banners on business premises as well as large banners used for sports events.

Experts are able to make PVC Banners of nearly any size you need. We also provide a Mesh banner material that is suitable for conditions with high winds that allow breeze to flow through the banner without putting stress on the eyelets if you are in harsh weather.

PVC Banners are designed differently from normal signage, and it is easy to miss the mark. We’ve put together the following design tips to help you get the most value out of your banners.

Design For The Environment

The setting that your banner will be displayed in is crucial and will affect the design. The most important thing to think about is how far away from your target potential audience will your banner be?

What is the maximum amount of impressions will your banner be able to convey your message? Will it be placed in a busy location or in a plain area? What is the primary background colour for the banner? Is the banner large enough to be visible? If these aspects are considered in the design process, it helps ensure that your banner is performing in its highest capacity.

Simple Is Best.

If you think about your intended viewers and the location of your banner it’s easy to get too complicated with the layout of your banner. For a banner that is placed on a roadside for instance, the banner will be seen for about 2 seconds.

In this case, the logo, message and call to the action are all that would be required for a successful banner design. An attractive image can be ideal to attract customers, but too many images can make your banner appear overloaded and cluttered.

Be sure not to try to market all your products and services through your banner, instead, promote your brand or just one aspect or part of the business. A call to action could be followed by a call to action that will direct your customers to your site. With banner printing London, the simpler the design, the more effective.

More Is Better.

Whatever the size of your banner, it’s going to be needed in order to get noticed from a large distance. It will only be seen for a couple of seconds at the same duration of.

Therefore, your message should be bold and large. A typical banner size of 3mx1m is typically used for signage on roadsides however we suggest making your banner larger if you can.

Follow The Guidelines Of Your Brand.

Whatever message your PVC banner conveys staying true to your brand’s guidelines is crucial. The design of your banner should be in line with the guidelines of your brand will improve the recognition of your brand and aid in your marketing collateral being recognized during events. Making sure your brand’s identity is uniform across all marketing materials will assist in getting your company noticed easily.

Understanding The Difference Between Flex As Well As PVC Banner Printing

If you are trying to promote your company or event, it is important to select the most efficient and economical method. Printing banners is one method. What you might not be aware of is the fact that there exist a variety of kinds of banners, each having distinct advantages and disadvantages. In order to make it easier for you to select a sign to promote your company we will look at the most popular kinds of banners: PVC and flexible.

Banner Printing

PVC print banners are most popular today. In contrast to the past, where PVC could not be colour-coated, now there are modern colour printers available that print these kinds of signs. If you decide to print PVC it is expected to select your preferred pattern as well as the colours you want to show to the sign maker.

A special machine in which the sign maker is able to load the PVC and cut it to the pattern you have chosen. PVC is a material with adhesive that helps it be fixed to the banner board after cutting. The adhesive material is removed prior to attaching PVC to the banner board.

Unfortunately the process of stripping off the adhesive prior to affixing to the PVC on the paper can make this kind of banner susceptible to wrinkles. Banner printing UK is typically employed to make banners and signs in areas where the adhesive can adhere to. They benefit from the fact that the PVC used to make it is extremely flexible and it can stay to the surface for a number of years without wearing out.

Flex Banner Printing

Flex is mainly used for printing on clothing. In recent times, however, it has seen sign makers expand the application of flex, and utilise it to create signs. In contrast to construction banner it can be more flexible as well as soft.

The banners are printed by special printers which look like regular inkjets; however they can print flexible materials. After printing, the sign maker will make use of heat to join the flexible material to the final product. Special tools use heat to glue the flex material to the substrate.

There are three kinds of inks that can be used to print on the flex. They include:

* Solvent ink – these are odorous and are not biodegradable. They can cause cancer and are not recommended for prolonged use. They also create low quality final prints.

* Eco solvent ink – unlike solvent ink it is not as toxic and has a light scent, nearly odourless. They are safe for usage in normal conditions of work and are more durable than the earlier.

* UV ink – this kind of ink is the most current and has the advantages over the other two types in that it is eco-friendly. It creates the most vivid quality final product. They are also more secure than printing your banner on clothes.

The Conclusion On These Kinds Of Banner Printing

Once you have a better understanding of these two kinds of printing banners there is a choice to select the one that will best suit your needs. It’s also expensive when compared with PVC. PVC is, in contrast, best suited for smooth surfaces.

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