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Patients are the clients of a medical website, without whom its activities are impossible. The clinic needs the patient, and the patient needs the medical website. For their meeting to take place.


1 Background

2 Medical website design

3 Technological

4 Interesting Solutions for a Medical Website

5 What difficulties did you face?

6 How much does a medical website cost for a doctor, and how much does it take to create?

7 Instead of afterwords

How to create a medical website for a doctor? What difficulties did you have to face? What did you implement, and what is in the project? About all this, in the first entry of the new section, “Portfolio.”


A few months ago, I was approached by a wonderful person, a doctor from God. And he asked to modernize his site, because. The old one was designed already in 2013, was created “on the knee,” and already ceased to meet modern requirements. So at first, I took the site for technical support, but then a decision was made jointly with the customer to rewrite everything from scratch and install a modern content management system.

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Medical website design

Designing a medical website is not an easy task. However, analyzing competitors and trends in medical sites provided food for thought. As a result, in a couple of weeks, I drew the site in green colors. The icons on the main page are custom-made. If interested, I’ll tell you who drew them for me.

The design was developed considering the requirements of mobile device adaptability. The result turned out well.


When designing the site, I immediately decided to create it on my favorite WordPress because. The site is content and involves the placement of articles on medical subjects. And it was important to make this placement easy and fast. List of applied technologies:

  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Gulp
  • BEM
  • Pug

Interesting solutions for a medical website

The medical website design is not only medical articles but also a CRM system, an appointment booking system, and a mandatory version for the visually impaired by GOST requirements.

In addition, the modern requirements of the same Google dictate some special conditions for medical sites. For example, it is necessary to confirm the author’s expertise at least on the page with information about him. Indicate published articles, regalia, etc.

I successfully implemented all this (except for the appointment booking system taken from the previous site).

  • Mini-CRM system automatically uploads the contact details of patients who have booked an appointment, facilitating feedback. I will soon implement the ability to upload data to Excel for analysis.
  • The version for the visually impaired makes the site work better for people with vision problems.
  • The system of questions and answers allows visitors to ask them directly from the form on the article of interest, and the doctor promptly answers them, having the ability to quickly moderate.

What difficulties did you face?

When creating a personal website for a doctor, I had to face some problems.

The first is that the old site was already trusted with a well-established link mass. But it was done quite poorly, as a result of which it was necessary to carefully transfer links to the new site simultaneously with the content of the articles.

The second is the transfer of comments from a self-written site to WordPress. It was tedious, but the result was worth the effort. I outlined the best practices for moving comments in WordPress here.

The third is integrating the appointment booking system from a self-written site into WordPress. Unfortunately, the programmer left a lot of garbage in the code, so I had to sweat. But the system works successfully and pleases visitors.

How much does a medical website cost for a doctor, and how much does it take to create?

The term for creating a personal website of a doctor (excluding the solution to the problems described above):

  • Creation of the concept, design rendering, and coordination with the customer – 2 weeks.
  • Responsive template layout — 4 days.
  • Landing a template on WordPress and integration – 7 days.

Thus, the site was ready for use in about three weeks.

The cost of all work was 25,000 rubles.

Instead of afterwords

This is a really interesting project that I am ready to develop further. Ahead is the refinement of CRM and the introduction of some new ideas.

The webmaster was with you. See you soon!

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