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NextGen Meditouch Review And Integration

Nextgen is a leading provider of EHR healthcare solutions, focusing on ambulatory care providers and the communities they serve. Its integrated platform helps providers improve productivity, improve financial outcomes, and enrich the patient experience. It offers customizable settings, a user-friendly interface, and integrated labs and patient portals.

Easy-to-use interface

The Nextgen Meditouch has an easy-to-use interface and features that physicians will appreciate. Its integrated pre and post-procedure care planning functionality make it easy to document treatment goals. The interface also offers customizable hotkeys, free text fields, and voice dictation. It also includes a patient portal to share important health information with patients.

NextGen Meditouch is a web-based, mobile-friendly electronic health record that seamlessly integrates with your practice management software. It features secure messaging, a patient portal, and ePrescribe functionality. It also supports interoperability with other certified EHR vendors. Additionally, NextGen Meditouch is available on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

The interface is user-friendly, but the system has some limitations. Its speed can be slow depending on the physician’s practice’s internet connection. Users have also complained about bugs and delays in getting fixes. Also, frequent upgrades can create downtime.

Customizable settings

The Nextgen Meditouch offers several customizable settings that can be customized to suit your practice’s workflow. You can even set up automatic reminders that notify you if a patient hasn’t shown up for an appointment. This makes workflows more efficient and saves time.

NextGen Meditouch software is mobile-friendly, making it easy for your staff to use it in the office. Its scheduling functionality enables your team to easily add, edit and reschedule appointments, and it also keeps track of changes to patient records. NextGen is also integrated with ERAs, so you can use it across multiple locations.

NextGen Meditouch can also integrate with labs and vaccine registries, graphing results over time. It also tracks CMS Promoting Interoperability (CMS) standards and provides clear explanations if a practice isn’t in compliance. The NextGen Meditouch makes collecting patient data a breeze. However, it isn’t without flaws. You can also check out the AdvancedMD EHR and its features to check if this software also fits for your practice or not.

Integration with labs

Integration with labs is essential to NextGen Meditouch, as it makes it easy for your patients to receive results from various diagnostic tests. This platform also integrates with vaccine registries, allowing you to track results easily over time. The software also keeps track of CMS Promoting Interoperability standards and provides simple explanations when a patient’s results don’t match the standard. The NextGen Meditouch interface is user-friendly, but it is not always intuitive.

NextGen Meditouch integrates with labs and EHR systems to give your staff better access to patient data. The NextGen Connect integration engine is available through monthly or annual subscriptions. This engine is based on open-source code, so it can be tailored to individual needs. It supports the major health data standards, including AAIM, and can be used on both Windows and Linux platforms.

The NextGen Meditouch system is also user-friendly, allowing doctors to take detailed notes. In addition to dropdown menus for pre-intake forms, the software also offers free text fields and hotkeys, which allow physicians to quickly and easily input information. It also provides a patient portal where physicians can communicate with their patients.

Patient Portal

The NextGen Meditouch patient portal allows patients to access their personal accounts, health records, medications, and lab test results. The platform also includes an appointment reminder and medication refill feature, scheduling options, telehealth visits, and multiple online payment options. Its user interface is intuitive and can be customized to fit the specific needs of each practice.

NextGen’s secure patient portal makes scheduling new appointments easy. All a clinician needs to do is click on a time slot, fill in the appropriate fields, and click “Add Appointment.” Patients can also request new appointments or move existing consultations to different times and dates. Patients can then approve or reject any changes, and NextGen Meditouch is fully integrated with its patient portal.

NextGen also provides a host of convenient features for physicians. It will notify physicians when their patients are ready for their next appointment. Additionally, patients can review basic patient information, including demographics and vitals. Physicians can also customize notes on NextGen with voice dictation and hotkeys.

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