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Practice These Yoga Asanas During Pregnancy, blood circulation will be fine

The practice of these yoga asanas is very beneficial to keeping the blood circulation right during pregnancy and learning the method of practice.

The health of the mother during pregnancy definitely affects the unborn child. And during this time, the direct effect of the mother’s diet and physical condition is seen on the health of the child. Doing yoga during pregnancy is considered more beneficial for the health of both the mother and the unborn child. Regular practice of yoga keeps both bodies and minds healthy. And if you practice yoga regularly during pregnancy, then the development of the child also happens faster. Different types of yoga asanas are practiced for different problems of the body. And during pregnancy, due to better blood circulation in the mother’s body, many health problems are overcome. During pregnancy, you can improve the blood circulation of the body by practicing some yoga asanas regularly. 

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2 Yogasanas to keep blood circulation balanced during pregnancy

1. Tadasana


Tadasana Yoga is one of the basic yoga asanas, whose regular practice keeps the body fit and the mind calm. Practicing this yoga asana during pregnancy gives many benefits to pregnant women. And by doing this regularly, the blood pressure in the body of pregnant women remains balanced. Apart from this, regular practice of this asana is considered very beneficial for reducing belly fat. And its regular practice is very beneficial for women suffering from the problem of high blood pressure. The practice of Tadasana is very simple and by practicing it during pregnancy, the blood circulation in the body is fine, apart from this its practice is very beneficial for the feet, knees, and arms.

How to Do Tadasana:

  • To practice Tadasana, first of all, you should stand with the help of a yoga mat.
  • Then stand up and keep your ankles in line with each other.
  • After this, now take a breath while moving both hands upwards.
  • Join the palms of both hands together.
  • And practice standing on the toes of the feet, keeping the arms straight above the head.
  • Standing with the help of the toes of the feet, take both hands down comfortably.
  • Stretching the body, keep the hands down.
  • And after this practice this asana 2 to 4 times.

2. Parvatasana or Mountain Pose


Practicing Parvatasana is very beneficial during pregnancy. This asana can be practiced very easily. By doing regular practice of this asana, the posture of your body remains fine and the blood circulation in the body is balanced. Apart from this, practicing Parvatasana during pregnancy also benefits shoulder, wrist, neck, and back pain. However, practicing this asana should be avoided in severe heart disease.

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How to Do Parvatasana:

  • First, sit with the help of a yoga mat.
  • After this, come to the posture of Sukhasana.
  • And after sitting straight in Sukhasana, while pulling the breath inwards, move both the hands upwards.
  • And after moving the hands upwards, keep the palms together in the posture of Namaste or Pranam.
  • Then during this, keep the elbows of the hands straight and keep the hands near the ears.
  • And stay in this posture for a while and then slowly come back to the normal position.
  • Practice this asana 2 to 3 times regularly.
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