Questions to Ask Movers and Packers in Delhi

Delhi NCR have a large area including Noida, Gurugram, Delhi region, Faridabad, etc. and moving there is hectic as there is always a rush. There are many industries and companies including hundreds of movers and packers within a small area.

You would not want to get into traps of some fake companies who will cost you much more than you should spend. You would want to hire an experienced and reputed company only. There are some questions you can ask to know about the company in Delhi.

1. Can I know about your documentations?

There are different types of documentations that a company must have. It determines the reputation, legitimacy of the company and their dedication towards their work. The moving company you are going to hire must be properly documented.

Sometime it can be only a single individual not a full-time company and you would not want to deal with them. take a copy of all their documentations also to have a safety. The documents include GST registration, Trade licence, personal Identification proofs, etc.

2. What is your work experience?

Prior work experience of the moving company and their workers will tell you how reliable they are. You can expect a quality of service from experienced movers and packers. New companies might also be good but they do not always know how to handle some of your stuff as they might be handling it for the first time. getting to know about their years of working will help you know what you can expect from the company.

3. What are the services that you provide?

There are different types of services that a moving company provides you. they take care of your household items, office items, vehicles, etc. They also provide warehousing services if you need storage space for your stuff of business or home. There are different services for domestic and international relocation. You can go through all of them and can decide which service do you need and can book them as soon as possible.

4. Can you tell me about your charges?

All those different services that we told you about in the previous questions are charged accordingly. They charge you on the basis of the size of your move, type of the move, distance, time required, etc. Generally, the charges are between Rs. 5,000 – 30,000 for household items, Rs. 8,000 – 50,000 for office relocation, Rs. 5,000 – 30,000 for vehicle transportation and Rs. 3,000 – 50,000 for warehousing services.

5. What are your contact details?

You must always ask for their business contact details such as their telephone number, contact address, office location, etc. to avoid fake companies. Go through their working process and get alternate contact numbers also in case of emergency. Get the contact number of all the related people to contact them whenever needed.

6. Do you have a website?

Having a website builds trust on business, and proves professional behaviour. Ask your moving company about their website. You may also look at reviews, on google, local circles etc. too to know their authenticity.

7. Can you give me some references of your previous customers?

Previous customers know more about the company that you are hiring. They have been through all the process and they know if you will be happy with their working system or not. Different people have different views and you must know about your needs first. Asking your moving company about their customers will build rapport. If they hesitate then it means there must be some bad rapport and you must see those red flags before you go for them.

8. Is your staff trained?

Training is an essential criterion to know if the workers know how to do your work or not. Moving home is not easy as there are large, heavy and fragile items that need care. They are safe in the hands of professionals only.

Training of employees is an important factor in business, if the firm is training their people, then they are serious for business. Try to look for provider who is well trained with staff, as they will be more efficient than anyone else.

9. What about the contract between us?

Written statements are the most powerful and a good company will provide you everything including their terms and conditions and the services provides by you, their charges, etc. You need to be aware of all the things before you sign anything to avoid yourself from any type of stress.

Do not trust them by their words and ask for a proper contract. If they are not willing to put anything in writing then avoid going for that company.

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10. What is the type of insurance that you provide?

Insurance is essential for any mis happening or damage of your good during the move. The moving companies generally provides two types of insurance: transit insurance and full liability insurance. Transit insurance costs less, it covers damages in transport of goods.

Full liability insurance is provided by the service provider, it covers any damage or loss in delivery of consignment, for that a contract is needed between parties. Clear everything before giving any confirmation and don’t leave any excuse for claim settlement by them.

11. How will you move the luggage?

If you are going for both packers and movers Bangalore to Kolkata, see what type of packaging material are they going to use. The protection of your stuff. Ask them to pack and mark boxes systematically and label them properly for easiness and safety.

Ask them about how they are going to carry your goods. There are certain tools and equipment to bind, seal, hold and load boxes. All these helps you to ensure the safety of your goods. Ask them about the transit trucks and all the routes to know when and where your stuff will be.

12. What are your payment terms?

Payment terms are critical as well as flexible in business. You can ask about any miscellaneous charges and hidden costs well before to know what all are you being charged for. Remember moving companies manipulate quotations, there can be a hidden cost so check and ask everything related to their quotation breakdown.

Look for estimate and try compare with other good companies. You can negotiate and can always ask for discounts. You should clarify before finally hiring any moving company.

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