Rigid Box Packaging Types

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from your competitors’ packaging, Rigid Box Packaging is your best bet. Custom-made rigid boxes can be personalized with a wide variety of colors to instantly grab the attention of customers. CMYK and PMS color ranges are ideal for this. While PMS has a wide range of colors, CMYK has a smaller color selection, but a more versatile and affordable range of colors.

Custom Rigid Boxes

For the best in retail and consumer experience, consider custom rigid box packaging. These boxes are made from a solid chipboard wrapped in paper, and they offer a feeling of luxury unmatched by any other packaging. In addition to providing a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing package, rigid boxes can also be customized to provide additional information, such as a company’s logo or message. This allows for your company to stand out among competitors and ensure your packaging is as unique as your product.

A beautiful Custom Rigid Boxes allows the shopper to get up and touch the product, tempting them to examine it further. This type of packaging helps you deliver a strong emotional connection with your shoppers. It also helps highlight special features or add value. Customers want to experience a luxury experience, so highlighting these features in custom rigid box packaging will ensure that you create a lasting impression. The following tips will help you create the perfect first impression for your brand.

Choose the right type of rigid box to showcase your product. Custom rigid boxes can help you increase brand awareness, grab the attention of new customers, and provide the maximum amount of protection for your products during retail operations. Rigid box packaging is an effective way to gain new customers and maintain your existing customer base. You’ll be happy to know that it’s easy to use and affordable. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started!



Lamination is a process in which a pressed sheet is stuck on a chipboard with an adhesive layer. This gives laminated rigid boxes a striking appearance and makes the box feel smooth to the touch. Another option for laminated rigid boxes is the magnetic closure. The magnetic closure is easily accessible to the consumer as the magnet is hidden in the chipboard wall. The product looks elegant and attractive with this closure. A magnetic closure is a perfect option if the product must be kept secret and must not be seen by others.

Another option for ensuring durability is lamination. Rigid boxes are often made from squeezed sheets of creative paper that are adhered to a chipboard frame with glue. The graphic appearance of the box reflects the quality of the product. In addition, the chipboard frame is thicker, giving the box more fixed sides. In addition, customers are drawn to a lamination that looks great and provides a pleasant feeling.

Litho-lamination is another option for custom printing shipping boxes. The process is used for corrugated cardboard that is durable and inexpensive but not easily printed on. Litho-lamination adds high-quality graphics to corrugated cardboard and makes it a great choice for packaging and point-of-purchase displays. This process can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including glossy or matte finishes. Other options include UV varnishing, foil, and spot UV.

Custom Graphic Design

Rigid box packaging has a great deal to offer. This packaging type is typically made of chipboard wrapped in thin paper and offers unmatched luxury and strength. Customized designs allow for informational or decorative writing and a wide variety of packaging options. They are also retail-ready and storage-ready.

Rigid box packaging allows for custom printing, including printing on the rigid box itself and on the foam insert. Custom Graphic Design for rigid box packaging will support your marketing procedures and help your brand gain traction in the marketplace. Because they can be printed in full color and full-color, your rigid boxes will be more impressive than your competitors’. They also save you space and money by allowing you to order smaller quantities. If you have a smaller budget, it’s best to opt for standard shapes or sizes.

Luxury brands deserve upscale branding, and luxury boxes are the epitome of upscale branding. Luxury goods like luxury cosmetics, expensive foods, and electronics are often packaged in rigid boxes. The robust design of rigid box packaging will increase the appeal of your high-quality products and help you earn top-shelf placement on retail shelves. You can even create your own custom packaging for luxury products. You’ll be surprised at how versatile rigid box packaging is!


Reusable rigid box packaging can help you create a greener environment by reducing waste and saving money. Packaging is an excellent option for products with a limited lifespan, such as clothing. They can be resealed and used again. This allows you to reuse a rigid box many times, which will significantly reduce waste and save you money. Reusable packaging is also an eco-friendly choice, as you’ll be reducing the number of materials used to make the packaging.

Beautiful products entice customers to touch and examine them. Reusable rigid box packaging helps you achieve this goal by providing a unique and heightened customer experience. Personalized rigid boxes can add value and highlight special features. These boxes make the product more desirable to consumers, so you can use them to further sell to them. And, of course, they look great. In fact, customers often want to look and touch products before making a final purchase.

Reusable rigid box packaging has several benefits. It helps you save on printing costs and can be used for multiple purposes. It can even be used as a custom gift card box for children. And, the best part is that it protects the contents of the box. This is especially helpful when shipping products that have delicate or varying characteristics. In addition to protecting the contents, reusable rigid box packaging is also a great option for a variety of items.


When a product is fragile, the best protection comes in the form of rigid box packaging. As Charles Darwin pointed out, the cornea of an eye requires protection from external forces. Our eyelids protect the eye from the outside world, while the protruding skull holds the entire eye inside its socket. Rigid boxes are made of a durable and carefully engineered material, which morphs out of shape upon impact. They also absorb shocks from external forces.

Different types of boxes offer different types of printing elements, and the design you choose depends on what is inside. These elements can include product-related graphics and textual details. Ultimately, you need to create a box that clearly identifies your product. To make this possible, you need to ensure that your printing is both visible and high-quality. Different printing technologies can provide excellent results, so make sure you invest in both types.

Rigid boxes are made of heavy-duty cardboard and other materials to protect your products from damage during transit. Because shipping companies cannot crush them while transporting them, they are an excellent choice for fragile items. If your product is damaged during transit, it will reflect poorly on your business, so make sure it is packaged with the utmost strength. For extra protection, consider adding a protective sleeve to the outer box.


If you’re a higher-end brand, you may consider the benefits of luxury rigid box packaging. The right luxury box will protect your delicate product, while also reflecting the quality of your brand. Using rigid encasements will support your marketing procedures and help your products appear as special as possible. Read on to find out why luxury rigid boxes are so important. Listed below are some reasons why you should use them:

Transparency is not new, but it’s a great way to add a bit of innovativeness to your display. Die-cut patterns or windows can give shoppers a sneak peek into your product without removing the box from its shelf. You can also embellish your product’s window with ribbons or colors to stand out in a crowd. Transparency makes it possible to create different displays for the same product, which will make it more noticeable.

The main benefit of luxury Rigid box Packaging is their structure. Unlike another custom packaging, rigid boxes are four to five times thicker than folding cartons. As a result, they can accommodate a wider variety of products than corrugated boxes. They also provide a place for branding messages. The chipboard component is typically wrapped in paper, allowing for a variety of customization options. Depending on your brand, rigid boxes can be customized to include your brand’s name and logo, mandatory instructions, and images.


The rigid box market is a highly competitive and fragmented industry. Leading market players are increasingly focusing on innovations and new product development.

Luxury brands recognize the heightened customer journey and appreciate the benefits of rigid box packaging. The superior design of the packaging speaks volumes about the product’s quality and attention to detail. Custom printing on rigid boxes ensures vivid graphics and logos. High-quality printing in CMYK color spectrum increases the chances of your product finding a good home. Choosing a company that can provide top-quality custom-printed rigid boxes is also a smart choice for your product.

Germany’s luxury rigid box market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.6% during the forecast period. The food and beverage industry has experienced consistent growth in recent years, thanks in part to the popularity of packaged food. German Trade and Invest published a report in which it found that German food and beverage manufacturers spent more than US$ 1.9 Bn on new products and innovations. A report released by a research company shows that the German food and beverage industry has a strong market for rigid packaging.

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