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Roopkund Trek: Complete Details


There are numerous fantastic areas or hidden gems created by the Great Himayans of India. All the states which come under the Himalayan region all have great and fantastic views, great valleys, beautiful meadows regions and many more things which attract many tourists from all over the world. The topography and the variety of Flora and Fauna are also different from other states of India. Due to all these regions, there are numerous treks all over the states which have Himalayan touch in them.

All the treks which are discovered in Himalayan regions have different types of trail design. Some are easy to moderate and some are moderate to difficult but all are worth giving a try and giving a level of satisfaction after finishing the trek as all of them have different and very great kinds of experience. The trek which is very popular and has many different and unique views is none other than Roopkund Trek. This trek has all the great and best experiences of a Himalayan region that one can ask for. This trek has many hidden gems and also many different views of forests, mountains, valleys, meadows, and many more surprises. There are many different adventures awaiting trekkers to explore.

Details About Roopkund Trek

Roopkund Trek is located in the Uttrakhand state of India. The whole trek is 53kms and takes 8 days to complete the whole trek. The maximum altitude of the trail is 15,696ft and is moderate to the difficult type of trek. It is one of the major attractive spotted treks. During the trial,

there are many hidden gems of the Chamoli District which also include Trishul Massif lake or also Mystery lake. The lake is very famous as it has more than 5 hundred real human skeletons which historians say belong to the Palaeothlic age of India. Some reporters say that it’s of a 12th or 15th-century warrior who fought in an earlier period of time. During the trek, there are many virgin deep forests, brooks, beautiful campsites, miles of meadows, snow and ice mountains, and many more.

Best Things About Roopkund Trek

There are many things that make the Roopkund trek attractive and popular among the youngsters. Here are a list of things which the trek amazing-

The Meadows In Trail

During the trial, there are 2 main and gigantic alpine meadows of Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal which makes the view more stunning. There are many more fantastic views of beautiful Mt Trishul and also Mt Nanda Ghunti. There are more great peaks like Neelkanth, Chaukhamba range, Kedarnath, Kedar dome, and many more beautiful peaks which come in the trail of the trek.

The Gehroli Forest

During the 1st day of the trek, the trail goes into the dense first of Gehorli Patal. During the daytime rustling of dry leaves, wind whistling through the branches of trees, birds chirping all can be heard in a single time.  The forest trek is 3-4 hours before reaching the campsite. The campsite is right in the middle of the forest which makes the site more beautiful and calming.

Trekking Adventure

During the trek there are many adventure places that all the trekkers want to visit or see, experience in their life. There are many steep climbs and slippery steps on the trail. Also some sharp, exposed ridges towards Junargali. If the weather is correct the view during the trek is best and all the mountains can be seen.

Roopkund Lake

Also known as the Mysterious lake which has more than 500 human skeletons. The lake is 15,750 feet. It’s a mystery for all the anthropologists, scientists, and historians why these skeletons are there. Many say that these are heads of the warriors that fought for their kingdoms.

Best time to visit

One should start the Roopkund trek at 4 am as the sooner the better. This is partly because climbing the trail is to be done while the snow is still hard. Many do this trek during the mid-summer or spring season as both seasons are suitable for the snow treks. During the summer or spring season, one can easily enjoy the trek time and also can be tension free from the rainy weather and temperature problem. During the spring season, the forest is in full bloom which gives photographers a good chance to capture many moments.


The Roopkund trek is very popular among youngsters and is an admirable place for photographers and trek lovers. This trek is helpful for people who are having a hectic lifestyle and want a break from their work.

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