Significance Of SMS Drip Campaign Product In 2022

Not to mention, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is full of ultimate functionalities which is beneficial for both business and customer. Today, we believe businesses can scale and customers can have delightful experiences only via CRM. It’s so good to share the SMS Drip Campaign as well. Directly from the CRM, Drip SMS will be delivered swiftly to your customers. The only thing you need is a SuiteCRM SMS Drip Campaign Product. 

SMS Drip Campaign Definition 

The motive behind introducing this extension is to deliver SMS drip by setting regular interval times. It lets you choose the time to deliver the SMS to your customers. This makes your business more advanced as everything goes automatically with no special effort required. The intriguing thing is you can deliver all this from your CRM software. 

We have a Great Example to share:

Suppose you recently got six new leads from your Marketing strategy. But you want the first Three leads to get your SMS Campaign on Tuesday and the rest of the leads to get your SMS campaign on Friday. Your team will definitely follow the strategy of sharing it manually. It turns this task the most tedious for them. If you keep on giving attention to this activity all the time then who is going to handle your other crucial work? 

This is where you need to invest in a product like SuiteCRM SMS Drip Campaign. A user can make a list of customers and can send drip SMS by setting predefined timing. The add-on will automatically deliver to the customer without any delay. Ultimately, it saves both your time and money. 

  • The biggest advantage for the businesses is they can see Brand awareness. It’s quite obvious that when you fire off drip SMS to your customers, it boosts up brand awareness. Customers will pay closer attention and may recommend others to get in touch with your company to purchase something. 
  • Compatible with a few crucial industries? Not at all! Everybody knows how crucial it is to share SMS regarding their business brand and services. SMS is still the most underrated communication channel today. So, SMS Drip is the perfect choice for all sizes of companies in the market. 
  • Run your email campaign more efficiently by setting predefined timing. This enables your organization to save time, money, and effort spent. Suppose so many customers in your list are pending to get your SMS Drip on weekends. Set the specific period of time here and the drip will be delivered automatically without your involvement.  

Is it possible to set up multiple Phone numbers here? 

Maybe your requirement is to deliver the Drip SMS to customers from different-different contact numbers. For this, you need a product that accepts set-up various phone numbers. 

Your search to find out the right extension comes to an end here. Our extension drip SMS campaign in SuiteCRM can help you here. It allows you to set up tons of contact numbers. After this, you can select the phone number that you want the SMS Drip to be delivered to your customer. 

Furthermore, sending SMS to multiple customers at the same time boosts your work productivity. There is no need to send one by one to make this operation monotonous. This plugin is so exceptional that it can even handle this too. You can complete this task of sharing SMS promptly for your business. 

Open up the Status of your Drip SMS

You are sharing a copious amount of drip SMS with your customers. It is important or we should say mandatory for the business to track the status of their work. For example, the extension should inform you of the status of your drip like delivered, in a queue, etc. You can work on that after knowing this completely. 

Invest in our prime product and seek this ultimate benefit for your business decision-making purpose. In addition to this, sharing an SMS Template in your drip is possible. One of the most demanding functionality of our clients! 

What’s the Price to invest?

An investment of $249.00 is here and you can also go for a 3-Day Risk-Free Trial. It enables you to learn all its top-notch functionalities for your CRM software. 

Bottom Line:

SMS Drip is the future! A huge number of tasks are pending and if we add SMS sharing activity too to that list then it might be hectic for all businesses. It would be wonderful if it goes automatically without any human involvement and is error-free. So this is why your company should pour its dollars over the SMS Drip campaign extension that we mentioned above. This affordable plugin shares SMS drip at the right time to the right person automatically and successfully. Sharing it faster and on time makes your customer feel valued and this boosts engagement with all those customers who deal with you. 

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