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Spiritual Weapons do work?

That is something that has happened to me over these past 4 weeks but I’m really excited about and I just have to share it with you because I think is going to blast some of you okay so.

Where to begin work again. I’m glad almost all I can feel the tears come in because you know what that is.

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 Just do your part

 God is so good and he will do everything. He said he will do it for you. You know you just do your part you know that I’ve confessed to being an introvert which means I have a lot of conversations with myself and I realize that.

Number one I have been saying some pretty bad things about myself to myself in my head.

You know just doubting myself worrying be leveling myself just I’ve been having some pretty negative self-talk going on in my own hit.

Number 2 I realize that seems busy and oftentimes those thoughts that come to your mind introduce doubt and worry and anxiety and fear those are tax from speaking okay.

Same does not want you or me to fully realize who God created us to be he does not want us to know it right.

 So what he does is he introduces the box into our minds that cause us to start worrying and doubting in being fearful and scared and extracellular conscious,

and so on and so on right and so over these past 4 weeks. I have been learning how to use my spiritual way.

 It is powerful

 Good evening it is alive it is. It is powerful okay. So when you speak out the word of god that’s a spiritual weapon when you’re dealing with negative thoughts coming into your mind.

If you’ll speak about yourself what God has to say about you or what the work has to state you have no choice but to leave.

Now for some of you like me if you have been habitually believing the lies that Satan says to you then the first time you speak the word of god is not just going to go away immediately.

It going to go away that one but you felt like 1000000 of them in there you know what I mean,

so you’ve got to calm you got it it’s a war you know you can’t just use once and expect that the entire army of enemies is coming and she was going to fall down because you shot one bullet.

 Now you got to engage in this battle and so a lot of the thoughts that were going on in my mind she had to do with just my past in being done before right,

and they would just be a minute just attacking me and keeping me down and not allowing me to be joyful and happy and be the person that God has called me to be right and so I started speaking scriptures.

 At first, I just speak them in my mind whenever I would have a negative thought I would think of certain scriptures.

So I would recommend to you those of you who are having these negative thoughts come into your mind thoughts of guilt thoughts of fear,

thoughts of worry, doubt, and anxiety search the word of god and find those scriptures that speak to that specific situation.

 For example, one of the scriptures I use a lot with god has not given us the spirit of fear but of power love, and a sound mind.

whenever I would have like a crazy thought that wanted to make me be afraid I will immediately go to that scripture. Whether I would have scriptures of guilt or shame.

 I would start thinking in my mind about the scripture that says that when you are in Christ you are a new creature old things are passed away and all things are made.

I would think of scriptures like I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me add a little piece to that scripture and I would say I can do all things including change. 

 Strengthens You

Through Christ who strengthens me so what that means is no matter where you are today no matter what you’ve done yesterday or the day before,

no matter what your story has been up until right now you need to tell the whole thing you can do all things including. Christ who strengthens you. 

Why is it whenever same trust the whisper in your mind that? You need to be in bondage over things that have happened in the past things that have been nailed to the cross of Jesus Christ.

You speak scriptures CMA you call him a liar. okay, So that’s one thing you know speaking all scriptures.

 Now the thing that has happened in the past 4 weeks for me as God has been allowing me to start speaking those things out loud.

Okay, I have fasted I’ve been asking and I have not been watching television at all. You guys know I don’t really watch it but I will let it be on sometimes in the background or I will find movies.

Spend time with God

 Now watch those so I have been watching the TV I have been making sure I spend my time with God I’ve been playing I’ve been spending a lot of time at church.

I have been listening to you know my praise and worship and I have been doing my praise and worship every single day at home,

and I have been as a result of just being released setting myself aside for god to do whatever it is.

 He wants to do with me he has been delivering me as I’ve gotten to the point where now I don’t just say those things,

and I’m gonna say them out loud and I recognize Satan for who he is whenever I thought of fear doubt whatever you can’t do that or. My mind 

I’m immediately going to say I rebuke you Satan in the name of Jesus because I know it’s in a taxane just doesn’t want you to rise he,

doesn’t want you to come up out of this depression that you’re in he doesn’t want you to overcome anxiety. He doesn’t want you to walk in the calling that God has placed in your life he doesn’t want you to do it.

 Word of god 

So the way he hinders that growth the way he hinders you from moving forward is by attacking your mind,

and so I just want to say to you start using your spiritual weapons one of them is the word of god and the number one is raised and worship you guys are praising.

 God and worshipping you start worshiping god with your mouth find yourself a little CD that has some praise songs on it and you play that CD every morning,

and you’ll get a real praise and worship session in your own house that is a spiritual weapon you have to realize that this world that we live in it’s natural but it’s also spiritual.

So we’re not finding things in the flesh let’s say. You come at me and say something crazy right something that maybe not necessarily you don’t even realize,

what you’re saying and how hurtful it is to me because you don’t know my whole life story you don’t know my background you don’t know how your comment could particularly affect me because you don’t really know.

This battle is spiritual

 Everything there is to know about right but saying that signals a lot more about meeting you so he could use that comment to what tax-sensitive spot on me right.

So should I immediately attack you because you said that to me no because you’re here in the natural world but that’s not what we’re fighting against that’s not what this battle is about this battle is spiritual?

 So I need to go into spiritual warfare so if you try to spit some stuff at me that attacks me I’m going to recognize you know what stateroom.

I recognize you and your press secretary. I’m at me right now through this person I rebuke you in the name of Jesus I did not receive what you’re saying to me that’s not true.

 You know what so we have to do those types of things and realized that it’s spiritual okay it’s not fighting in the physical because that’s not how it works.

Praise and worship is a spiritual way it may not make sense in the natural that something’s going wrong for you to prop up resources needed to start raising that doesn’t make sense.

 It the natural but that’s okay there are some surgeries in the Bible that talk about how that shows those things that the world saw are foolish and used those things.

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