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Study MBBS in China – Choose Your University Wisely

Study MBBS in China

Study MBBS in China

MBBS is very popular in China and India. The Chinese Yuan is the Chinese currency (1 Chinese Yuan is equal to 10.23 Indian rupees). The capital of China is Beijing. China is the most populated country in the globe. The duration of the course in China is 6 years, including 5 years of classroom training and 1 year of internship. Here in this article you read all about study MBBS in China – choose your University wisely for students.

University for MBBS in China

All Chinese accredited medical universities, such as the Chinese Medical University (CMU), are accredited by the NMC (National Medical Commission). Students can choose any of the recognized medical universities in China. There are several medical universities that teach in English, and most universities, such as the Chinese Medical University (CMU), teach in Chinese. So choose your university wisely.

Special Advantages of Study MBBS in China

The screening tests for study in China like MCI (Medical Council of India) or FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) training assistance.

  1. Indian Medical Council Training Assistance.
  2. Students practice their degree in a hospital.
  3. Indian care is available
  4. Indian food is available in all regions

Benefits of MBBS in China

  1. Students will face the chance to learn English Language.
  2. Degree of MBBS form China is valid across the world
  3. The student will get the chance of attending an intercontinental exposition.
  4. An apprentice can pursue his or her schooling with 15 to 25 lakh rupees which is very little in compared to a private or public open university for MBBS of India vs MBBS in China for Indian students.
  5. There is no need to qualify IELTS or TOEFL for take admission in China.
  6. The schooling fees are very low in China.
  7. The standard of living standard is very high and difficult in China.
  8. There are also Indian cuisine and restaurants in China.
  9. Many Chinese hospitals use modern technology to enable students to learn new technologies.
  10. The teaching tool is English; but students must learn the local Chinese language.

Drawbacks of MBBS in China

  1. The student has to pass the HSK exam in Chinese for the Chinese language, which is very difficult. Students cannot earn a doctorate without passing an exam.
  2. There are better opportunities for students who do not want to learn a new language. These students can think about MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Kazakhstan.
  3. In China, there are some ‘C’ grade universities for MBBS that do not offer proper education.
  4. Only a few universities for study MBBS in China, such as the Chinese Medical University (CMU), teach MBBS programs in English.
  5. The success rate of the FMGE (Foreign Medical Alumni Exam) is much lower than that of Chinese medical universities, such as the Chinese Medical University (CMU).
  6. Students must learn the local language in China.
  7. More than 35 percent of MCI (Indian Medical Council) medical universities in China, such as the Chinese Medical University (CMU), are ‘C’ grade universities.
  8. In China, vegetarianism is not easy to find.

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