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Subjects Offered By University Of East London

University Of East London

University Of East London

Here in this article about all the Subjects Offered by University of East London for overseas students.

Subjects Offered by UEL

Let’s know all the Subjects Offered by University of East London.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Subjects Offered by University of East London.

  1. 3D Game Art
  2. Accounting and Finance
  3. Also, Accounting and Finance (3 Years)
  4. Accounting and Finance (Fintech Pathway)
  5. Acting Stage Screen
  6. Advertising
  7. Aeronautical Engineering
  8. Airline Airport Management
  9. Animation
  10. Applied Computing (Top-Up)
  11. Architectural Design Technology (Accredited by Ciat)
  12. Architecture (ARB/RIBA)
  13. Banking and Finance
  14. Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  15. Biomedical Engineering
  16. Biomedical Science
  17. Business Law
  18. Business Management
  19. Chemistry
  20. Civil Engineering
  21. Also, Civil Engineering (3/4/5 Years)
  22. Civil Engineering (Integrated Masters)
  23. Clinical and Community Psychology
  24. Cloud Computing
  25. Commercial Photography
  26. Computer Science
  27. Computer Science with Education and Qualified Teacher Status
  28. Computing for Business
  29. Construction Management
  30. Counseling
  31. Creative Enterprise Top Up
  32. Also, Creative Professional Writing
  33. Creative Writing Screen
  34. Criminology and Psychology
  35. Also, Criminology Criminal Justice
  36. Criminology Criminal Justice Pathway Cyber Criminology
  37. Criminology Law
  38. Cyber Security Networks
  39. Cyberpsychology
  40. Dance: Urban Practice
  41. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  42. Design Interactions
  43. Drama, Applied Theatre and Performance
  44. Early Childhood Studies
  45. Early Childhood with Montessori Pedagogy (Level 6 Top Up)
  46. Economics
  47. Economics (Pathway Fintech)
  48. Education Studies
  49. Also, Education Studies Online
  50. Education Top Up
  51. Also, Education Top Up Online
  52. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  53. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (3 Years)
  54. Engineering Management
  55. Environmental Psychology
  56. Esports Top Up
  57. Events Management
  58. Events Management with Entrepreneurship
  59. Fashion Brand Management
  60. Fashion Buying, Merchandising & Innovation
  61. Also, Fashion Culture and Business
  62. Fashion Design
  63. Fashion Journalism
  64. Also, Fashion Marketing
  65. Fashion Product Management Innovation
  66. Fashion Studies Top Up
  67. Film
  68. Fine Art
  69. Fine Art Technology
  70. Forensic Psychology
  71. Game Design
  72. Game Programming

Other UEL Subjects

Also, there are some other subjects offered by University of East London.

  1. General Engineering
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Graphic Design and Illustration (Visual Communication)
  4. Hospitality Management
  5. Also, Hospitality Management with Entrepreneurship
  6. Hospitality Management with Revenue Analytics
  7. Human Resource Management
  8. Illustration
  9. Illustration and Animation
  10. Interior and Spatial Design
  11. Interior Design
  12. International Business Management Top Up
  13. Also, International Development with NGO Management
  14. International Fashion Business
  15. Journalism
  16. Law
  17. Also, Law with Criminology
  18. Law with International Relations
  19. Marketing
  20. Marketing Data Analytics
  21. Mechanical Engineering
  22. Mechanical Engineering (Integrated Masters)
  23. Mechatronics and Computer Systems Engineering
  24. Mechatronics Engineering
  25. Media and Communication
  26. Also, Media and Immersive Production
  27. Media Production


  1. Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology
  2. Architecture (Reading the Neoliberal City)
  3. Architecture, Computing and Engineering
  4. Arts and Creative Industries
  5. Bioscience
  6. Business and Law
  7. Data Science
  8. Education
  9. Educational and Child Psychology
  10. Fine Art
  11. Health Science
  12. Health Sport and Bioscience
  13. Information Security
  14. Performing Arts
  15. Psychology
  16. Social Sciences
  17. Social Work
  18. Sport and Exercise Science

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