The best mobile MMORPGs games

Following are the best mobile MMORPGs games of 2022.


AxE: Alliance vs Empire is another creation of the notorious Nexon ( ArcheAge , KurtzPel, V4), all in the same genre. A rich fantasy world opens up before players, where they will linger for a long time, fighting various enemies, completing story missions, helping their faction to achieve leadership and participating in intense PvP.
The indisputable advantages of the game include beautiful graphics , recreated using the Unity 5 engine.


Simple anime style , classic mechanics combined with activities unusual for the genre – thanks to this, Tales of Wind managed to win the hearts of mobile gamers.
You seem to plunge into a cute fairy tale, where you will feel like a real hero, ridding the world of monsters. But you also need to rest , and here Tales of Wind will offer an abundance of activities: from racing mounts with other users to finding a soul mate.


At the end of 2017, NCSOFT announced a mobile game based on the famous Blade and Soul universe . According to the developers, everything should look as cool in the mobile version as it does on the PC.
And so it happened – the unblocked games 76 is full of colors and offers to plunge into the world of Blade and Soul, but with the help of a mobile device.


Diablo Immortal is not just an expected MMORPG, but an overall expected game in general, as it belongs to the legendary series. And while skepticism still sits in the minds of fans, there is no reason to worry, since Blizzard itself is at the helm , and the game combines time-tested mechanics and new features. The MMO component will offer gamers to go on a joint adventure across a vast world, clear dungeons, and visit the arena to fight each other.


Odin: Valhalla Rising will be released not only on Android, but also on PC. The ambitions of the developers can only be envied, as they promise cutting-edge graphics, a seamless open world, and top-notch action. The events of the game take place in a world built on Scandinavian myths – and such a setting, fortunately, has not yet exhausted itself.


Surprisingly, the sequel to the popular MMORPG will only visit mobile platforms, ignoring its native nest. This proves once again that the market for smartphone games for developers is becoming more important every year. The second part will inherit most of the gameplay elements, but will noticeably prettier in terms of graphics, since the development is carried out on the Unreal Engine 4.


Another high-profile sequel, and again – for mobile platforms. True, this is not a full-fledged second part, but a mobile spin-off that tells about the events that led to the war of winged creatures. The developers promise a classless system, and players will be able to explore the open world not only through the air, but also under water. It is also known that the interface will be made in the classic form for mobile MMORPGs.


Warhammer Odyssey, like Diablo Immortal, has a powerful “background” in the form of an entire universe. The game is a 3D MMORPG in which the heroes of Warhammer decide to unite against a common danger. Several classes and classic roles, an intriguing plot, good graphics – even if you are not a unblocked games wtf, it’s still worth a closer look.


Sometimes it seems that Korean developers are not interrupt for lunch, preparing real “bombs” for the gaming industry. Chrono Odyssey is one of those. This is a fantasy MMORPG about time and space with an abundance of content, an epic storyline, a diverse tactical combat system and an abundance of other features, relying on which the authors are confident that the project will succeed. Confidence fuels an impressive budget, and we can only believe and wait.


The mobile version of another legendary MMORPG, Aion , should have been released a long time ago , but we do not lose hope. In order not to repeat ourselves, the developers decided that the events of Aion Tempest would unfold 900 years earlier. They promise to keep the brilliance and entertainment of the original and, judging by the trailer in the announcement, they have every chance of success.


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Another mobile MMORPG based on Lineage 2 came out in Korea in 2019 . This is a full-fledge remake of the legendary Line, which as of the beginning of 2021 has not yet been release worldwide. NCSOFT promises to keep the teamplay system, provide players with a wide choice of classes, a huge open world and other familiar gameplay elements.
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