The Skandagiri Trek is an ideal weekend getaway under the skies.


Skandagiri trek is situated in Karnataka and is filled with amazing spots to explore all around the hills. The trek provides an enthralling experience and gives many optional activities to enjoy. The lush green surroundings and Misty clouds provide a mesmerizing experience. It is located at an altitude of about 1450 meters. The view from the peak is breathtaking. The trek ranges from easy to moderate and is termed to be a five-hour trek. 

weather of Skandagiri

The Skandagiri trek has quite beautiful weather and enables it to be pleasant.  As it is a usual night trek where you can even sit down and stargaze during the night. It overall adds to the list of the experiences that one cannot fulfill in regular times. A summer trek is also an option but since the weather can get hot and humid, the trek must be avoided.

Where to start?

The Skandagiri trek is often suggested to begin at night. It usually starts from the Papagni Temple situated near the village of Kalwara. There are spots marked around to guide you throughout the trail to make sure that you don’t end up getting lost in the process. The trails of the trek are well cut out and nicely shaped. The initial section of the trek is full of a semi-dry patch and there are high chances of not being able to see a great view. The lush greenery of the trail follows after the initial part and the actual view begins from there. The charismatic view is something one can never forget. 

Some amazing things about the trek

The best thing about this trek is that it has a number of ruins and forts along its way. In total there are six such options that you will witness throughout the trial. There is also an ancient temple which is located at the peak of the hills which you can see once you complete the trek. The view from there is amazing and people often lay down over there at night to stargaze. The pretty outlook provides you with an outlook that you have never seen. There are also many spots around the place that one can explore. Nandi hills is the most common spot to be explored after the Skandagiri trek. 

The difficulty level of the trek

Skandagiri hills are considered to be a very safe spot to trek. To trek over there one needs to get permission from the forest department to enter the jungle area and they will issue you the pass to the entrance of the trek point. If required you can also ask the locals for knowledge. Even the trek is cost-efficient and pocket friendly. One must be ahead of time and book things prior to managing the budget better. The benefit of camping overnight is amazing, it provides you with a whole experience. 

The trek is overall safe and sets a pretty decent standard for a cool environment trek. It lies about 70 km away from Bangalore and is a good option for the weekend getaway plan. Even if you are a beginner the trek won’t be much of a difficulty as the path is straight and all traced. One must always keep the camping essentials handy for a complete adventurous experience. 

View from the trek

The enthralling sound of nature, stunning sunrise from the top, and the company of stars are what make the place a total environment-friendly place. Skandagiri is a perfect place if you want to escape the hectic life and feel the beauty of nature. The place has a fantastic landscape and the hill view is drenched with beauty. It takes about three hours to finish the 5 km long trail. Even a solo traveler can enjoy the company of lush greenery and waterfalls. A trail is a place where one can find peace and happiness. 

What to wear?

While trekking to Skanda Giri the trekkers must wear comfortable clothes and shoes. They should carry a small backpack with all the essentials needed during the trek such as water bottles, a lunch box that is rich in high protein, raincoats, bag covers, flip flops, torches, portable chargers, and extra pair of clothes, and sunglasses. If everything is considered beforehand then it will be easy to enjoy the trail.

Skandagiri hills force us to take the Skandagiri trek into consideration. The location serves as the best Escapade and enables you to enjoy the outlook under the stars.

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