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The Top 8 3D Animation Video Production Companies in 2022

You may have heard 2D and 3D animations quite often in your life, and if not several times, at least once, you may have come across this word. In a rapidly advancing world where companies try to place their products and services at the top, marketing has become a crucial deciding factor. Here, animation implementation has changed the marketing dynamics, especially for the 3D animation video production. This is because people now prefer watching videos rather than reading texts, which helps make the product or service memorable with the help of videos.

The professional video production services have improved over the years from the traditional 2d animations; it has come a long way. Companies use different animations like slow motion to create unique advertisements that capture users’ attention in real-time and keep them hooked for years. Even if we do not talk about marketing, several 3d animated videos have changed how we view films. Many of the most popular ones like Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Little Mermaid, and Lion King are prime examples of animated movies loved by all.

What is 3D Animation Video Production?

3D animation, like 2D, is a graphic technique that adds an illusion of movement in characters and objects, making the whole scene come to life. At first, it was only used for marketing, games, movies, shows, etc. Still, with its high usage and numerous advantages, many organizations have started using it for developing 3d business models to market their products or services efficiently. 3D here stands for creating characters or objects in three-dimensional space, placing them in a digital environment. The 3D animation video production process is divided into three main parts: modeling, animation, and rendering.

3D animation is growing exorbitantly in today’s world. It has impacted healthcare, retail, marketing, logistics, and other industries. They use it for presentation in the form of 3D characters, models, or videos that grab people’s attention with interesting graphics. However, animation is a tricky task. Therefore, the market leaders emphasize hiring animators to create unique videos or models. It becomes crucial to hire people with the best expertise and knowledge to efficiently develop models that help companies align their goals and needs. Many famous advertisements now are made in 2D or 3D, allowing companies to reach a larger audience in less time.

The 3 Stages of Animation

We have often talked about 3D professional video production services and how it has changed the industries globally. But we have never discussed the three steps of animation that create the final product, be it in videos or just images. Each stage requires planning and implementation while staying focused, letting the animators’ minds run wild to put their creative side into effect. Further, companies customize every model depending on the client’s demands and expectations which elevates the importance of 3D animation.

  • Modeling

The so-called animation process starts with modeling. Here animators develop the characters and objects by using a modeling tool or scanning the real objects into computer systems. These techniques vary greatly and have distinctive benefits that are extremely useful in the development process. Creating a model on your own gives you the liberty to design it as you like. But since companies have little time and want to make the most out of the advanced techniques, they often opt for scanning. In the end, it just revolves around the textures, so no matter what approach the companies use, they should add texture to the characters and objects to give them a realistic look before heading towards the next stage.

  • Animation

The next stage is the animation or layout stage, where characters and objects get positioned and animated into different scenes one at a time. It starts with choosing a layout. Companies do it by building a set and adding objects to it. After this, animators move forward and animate the objects or characters using various variables simultaneously. Here developers give models a realistic look for each scene via motion capturing or keyframing depending on the project’s demand or company’s preference. This stage can sometimes be challenging if the developers hired have little or no knowledge about any one of the animation methods, making it essential for businesses to select a 3D animation video production company after thorough research.

  • Rendering

The last stage of creating 3D videos is the rendering stage. It is the place where the scene gets made into a finished product. In other words, the image or video gets completed using advanced software. Though graphic designing is based on computer rendering is a powerful task. It requires its own software to complete the process. Here the animators can render the projects by applying their favorite art style or using more realistic results. All of this leads to the enhancing the overall look of the scene or video. However, this depends on the client’s demands or the project’s requirements. In a few cases, animators do it themselves to improve the visuals without any instructions from the client’s side. Here the role of animators comes in. It shows the world why companies need to hire them and why can’t regular designers do it.

List of the Best Global 3D animation Companies

Many times we see organizations searching for the best 3D animation companies. But usually fail to find one because not always the word-of-mouth is accurate. Most people in today’s world try to market their own company instead of guiding people with the top ones. Therefore, we have researched and created a list of top eight 3D professional video production services animation companies from around the world to let you choose wisely.

  • Explain Ninja
  • VeracityColab
  • Indigo Productions
  • Rip Media Group
  • Spin Creative
  • The DVI Group
  • Grumo Media
  • Studio Media

Animations have changed our lives for the better, making images and videos more entertaining and eye-catching. It has increased profits for various industries. 2D and 3D animation have always been an important part of the movie industry. Later, they made their way to games, shows, and businesses. Here 3D animation video production gained immense popularity, giving the characters or the overall scenes a realistic touch. If you look at significant advertising campaigns these days, you will find 3D animation doing wonders worldwide, improving the user experience for every industry.

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