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Top 10 Tech Companies In The US!

According to statistics, the technology industry accounts for 35% of the entire market. It’s also growing steadily: this year’s estimated growth rate is 5.3%. There are more than 500,000 tech companies in the United States alone, with more than 6,600 of them in Silicon Valley. Almost every company—regardless of the industry they originally belonged to—depends on technology companies in one way or another. It could be hardware, software, online services/tools, cybersecurity solutions My friends, it means money. The biggest companies in 2022 When a tech company releases a new product:

In this article, I browsed the Forbes Global 2000, an annual ranking of public companies based on 4 metrics (sales, assets, profits, and market value).

#1: Amazon

Top Products: Amazon Store, Amazon Prime, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alexa

Market Cap: $1,468.4B

Number of employees: 1,608,000

Amazon is one of the most valuable companies in the world, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994.

The company started out as an online marketplace, and over time began producing its own tech equipment and offering cloud services.

In addition to being ranked the 6th largest company in the world on the Forbes list, it was also listed as the 25 best tech and IT companies to work for – aka the best place to work!

#2: Apple 

Popular products: Iphone, Ipad

Market Cap: $2,640.32B

Number of employees: 1,608,000

Not surprisingly, the other tech giant on our list is Apple.

Focusing on electronics, software and online services, Apple’s annual revenue last year was $365.817B, or 2021.

The company was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Since then, Apple has been making all kinds of tech devices, from computers to wearables.

When I was a kid, Apple was one of the most popular tech companies in the industry, still is, and doesn’t seem to be changing in the near future.

#3: Alphabet Inc.

Popular products: Android, Google, Youtube

Market Cap: $1,581.72B

Number of employees: 156,500

Alphabet is a multinational conglomerate with annual revenue of $257.637B in 2021.

Following Google’s 2015 reorganization, Alphabet Inc. was formed to become the parent company of Google’s businesses.

The firm also invests in start-ups and companies of all sizes in the tech industry: smart home projects, self-driving cars, cloud gaming systems, and more.

Alphabet Inc, the largest company in 2022

#4: Microsoft

Popular products: Microsoft, MS Office, Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio

Market Cap: $2,054.37B

Number of employees: 221,000

Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, Microsoft is another tech giant emerging from the United States.

It manufactures consumer electronics and computer software, and provides related solutions.

One of Microsoft’s best products, MS Office, has become an integral part of our lives. Spreadsheets, presentations, meeting notes… you can use Office tools to join any meeting at any time.

➡️ Also; LinkedIn, Skype and GitHub can be listed in the company’s subsidiaries.

#5: Samsung Group

Popular products: Phones, TVs and other tech devices

Market Cap: $367.26B

Number of employees: +320,000 (source)

Founded in South Korea in 1969, Samsung Electronics operates through business units that manufacture and sell a variety of electronic products and software.

They are consumer electronics, IT and mobile communications and device solutions.

Samsung Electronics doesn’t just make TVs, phones and wearables; it also has smart home and digital health programs.

largest tech company Samsung

#6: Tencent Holdings

Popular products: WeChat, PUBG Mobile, QQ

Market Cap: $414.28B

Number of employees: 85,858 (2020 data)

Tencent Holdings is a 23-year-old Chinese technology group company. This is the first Asian tech company to break the $500B mark.

Its services include web portals, e-commerce platforms, payment systems, social networks and mobile games.

The holding group also owns Tencent Music and Tencent Games, the largest companies in the video game industry.

Tencent’s most popular messaging tool, WeChat, has more than 1.2 billion monthly active users. Its sibling app QQ has 564 million monthly active users.

The company also provides marketing solutions and cloud services. “Tencent is committed to being a digital assistant,” they said. Through their digital services and technology, they aim to help every industry.

Tencent Holdings’ largest technology company

#7: Meta Platform

#7: Meta Platforms

Popular products: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

Market Cap: $499.86B

Number of employees: 83,553

Launched by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 to connect Harvard students with each other, Facebook became an instant hit. 2 years later, it opened to the public. In 2010, more than 400 million people used it every month.

In 2021, Facebook Inc. changed its name to Meta Platforms to emphasize its positioning on Metaverse. Virtual/augmented reality is the future, and Meta claims to help people be there.

The biggest tech companies in Yuan 2022

In addition to its own products focused on Metaverse and web3, such as Meta Quest and Meta Portal, the company has also acquired a number of subsidiaries, including Novi Financial, Hot Studio, WhatsApp, and more.

#8: Cisco Systems

Popular Products: Cisco ONE, Cisco DNA, Cisco+

Market Cap: $213.36B

Number of employees: 79,500

Cisco Systems is turning 40 today due to a couple who work at Stanford University having trouble communicating within the organization.

Headquartered in San Jose, Silicon Valley, Cisco is an IT and networking company specializing in routers, switches, and network security.

The cybersecurity sector is the most valuable and fastest-growing segment of a company. Last quarter, its revenue rose 14%, according to company data.

With Cisco SecureX; you can detect, respond to, and quickly recover from cyberattacks. It’s an integrated platform for a variety of products, which means you can protect your applications, users, endpoints and networks from one platform.

Cisco’s biggest tech companies in 2022

➡️ A fun fact about the company name: Cisco stands for San Francisco and the vertical line on the logo stands for the Golden Gate Bridge 🌉

#9: Oracle Corporation

Popular Products: Oracle Cloud, Java, MySQL, Oracle Linux

Market Cap: $203.34B

Number of employees: 143,000

Oracle is an American computer software company. It was founded in California in 1977, but the company is now headquartered in Austin, Texas.

They have more than 400,000 customers worldwide, including FedEx, Xerox and Siemens Healthineers, as they provide specific solutions for different industries.

You can manage your restaurant, modernize your finances, secure network infrastructure solutions, connect HR/product management/marketing and improve customer satisfaction.

Oracle, the largest tech company in 2022

Also: Oracle hosts regular developer events. From machine learning to image recognition, experts exchange ideas. You can view recordings of old events and register for upcoming events from here.

#10: Broadcom Inc.

Popular products: Symantec Enterprise Cloud, Rally Software

Market Cap: $239.64B

Number of employees: 20,000

Yes, software companies are worth the world, and hardware companies can be very valuable. But what about companies that offer both? They are totally different gems 💎

Broadcom has a diverse product portfolio including semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions.

With their innovative vision and collaboration, they have achieved excellence more than once.

Launched the first commercial LED dot matrix display.

Produces the first cable modem that enables cable providers to provide Internet connectivity.

Delivered the first high-speed digital optocoupler for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Introduced embedded fiber solutions for IBM.

Launched the first 5G radio switch.


There are thousands of tech companies offering different solutions and services.

In this article, I’ve collected the largest numbers based on Forbes data. I would like to focus mainly on software and IT companies and leave most hardware producing companies off the list. So, sorry if you don’t see a company that should be on the list.

All companies on the list are public companies, which means they are open to stock exchanges. You can check their status from the Wall Street Journal or any other news platform.

In the end, this list is an interpretation of research conducted by Forbes, not investment advice.

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