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Top 5 Spy Apps to Monitor Android Cell Phones In 2022

Did you listen to any spy app before it? Do you know about the best monitoring apps for android phones? Are you worried about your kids? Are you curious about your employees? You want to protect your children and secure your company from the uprising technology. So, you have to pay attention to this article to know about your targeted person’s actions. On the other hand, people read and choose apps for tracking the digital device of their loved ones.

Here we mention the best spy apps to monitor the android phones. These all apps are highly recommended to you to protect your loved one. Let’s move to the topic and describe the excellent android monitoring app in 2022.

TheOneSpy app

It is the first rank on our list to spy on the smartphones of their loved ones. TheOneSpy spy software for cell phone lets you know the online activities of their loved ones. You can remotely check what they are doing on their mobile phones. You can check everything from their targeted devices. It enables you to protect your children from online threats and secure companies from online scams and threats. TheOneSpy has a user-friendly installation process to spy on the devices in stealth mode. It allows checking every activity of your targeted person to find almost every activity.

You can see

  • Live phone location
  • Call logs
  • Call recording
  • SMS monitoring
  • Track GPS location
  • Social media spying
  • Web browsing history
  • Screen recording
  • Mic bug
  • Camera bug
  • Key logger
  • Password chaser

OgyMogy mobile tracker app

It is the most reliable android spying app in the present time of technology. You can track anything from your targeted device. The purpose of this app is to secure your children from online dangers. It makes sure you know about your loved one. You come to understand what your loved ones are doing on their smartphones.

OgyMogy offers you

  • Social media monitoring
  • GPS location
  • Screen recording
  • Call log spy
  • Message spy
  • Multimedia spying
  • Block websites
  • Monitor android install apps
  • View live phone performance

Mspy app

It is 3rd app on this list for tracking android phones. It gives you complete access to the targeted devices. You have to learn how to install it for secret monitoring and tracking. It is the only app that ensures you find the targeted devices while people use it. Mspy is excellent in its functionality and allows you to secure your targeted person by using this mobile monitoring app. You can see every activity of your child and employees. Have a look at the review of mspy.

Features of the Mspy app

  • Listen to call conversation
  • Track live location
  • Read messages
  • Spy social media activities
  • Monitor browsing history
  • Sharing Media spying

XNspy app

It is the most reliable app for secret android monitoring. It offers you to check the live phone performances of your targeted person. You can track your kids’ actions and employees’ live performances at the workplace. It is undoubtedly an excellent choice for android monitoring at present technology. Through this, you can keep updated with your loved ones. Just have to install and see every activity secretly.

You can check

  • Phone apps activities
  • Send receive messages
  • Know Call logs
  • Record call conversation
  • Track GPS location
  • Social media activities
  • Listen to surroundings

TheWiSpy app

Now move to the final and excellent android monitoring app that is always working for remote online monitoring. Whether you are a parent or an employee, benefit from this app to monitor your loved ones and learn about them. Once you install it, you can see this app’s complete data online dashboard. It gives you the best results to track the devices or come to know everything.

TheWiSpy app offers you.

  • It allows you to spy current location.
  • You can see messages.
  • Can track live location
  • You come to know the call conversations
  • Enable you to record your surroundings
  • Allow you to record screen activity
  • Monitor social media activities
  • You can record call conversations


Now you can select one of them for your targeted android phones. Through this article, parents can quickly secure their kids, and employers can check their employees’ all activities. So, it is beneficial from the growing technology to secure everyone by remote monitoring.

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