The fun of trekking is different. Those who are keen on adventure will know alright what proportion of fun it’s in trekking. If the trekking is to wipe out the lap of the Himalayas, then the matter is different. Some people see the  Himalayas as a mountain range, While adventure travelers take it as a challenge. Since the complete development of mankind, the Himalayas are viewed with the best mystery and thrill.

Trek near Kasol is considered an ideal trek when planning for trekking in Kasol like Kheerganga or Sar Pass, the trail leads through the forests and valleys of Kasol and leads to far-flung places. Is. One can start with an easy trek from Kasol.


   The Tosh is a village in Parvati Valley where nature develops at its best. Tosh Trek from Kasol, about 22 km, can be taken from Barshaini – Tosh is a beautiful village situated between Kasol and Tosh which is also a favorite trekking destination of a trekker. The beautiful surroundings of Tosh adventure are perfectly nestled in the lap of the valley with rivers and lush green meadows all around.

This sparsely populated Tosh is packed with travelers from all over the world. Good food and comfortable stay options are also easily available here. This trek distance is approx 7.5 km and takes 4-5 hours to trek. It is considered a good option for beginner trekkers to reach here from Kasol to Barshaini One can easily reach Pulga and further to Tosh by taking a bus to Barshaini Trek. There are also many options to stay in Tosh, which has guest houses scattered throughout the village of Tosh.


Kheerganga Trek is one of the foremost dangerous hiking trails in India. You can also enjoy the mysterious hot springs by visiting the Kheerganga. Also, the mesmerizing views of the Parvati Valley are breathtaking views while trekking the Kheerganga. In 3 to 4 hours you’ll tackle this track. One of the most popular treks from Kasol is the Kheerganga trek. One of the toughest treks in the Himalayan region, Kheerganga is also considered the magical land where Lord Shiva meditated for thousands of years.

The trek to Kheerganga can be taken through two routes to  Rurdanag and Kalga to Pulga, an incredible Himalayan hideout situated at 9700 ft. Both these routes get diverted from Barshaini. Trekkers proceed further after walking through dense deodar, crossing several streams, and managing to climb the path after soaking in the wonders of nature. This trek distance is approx 14 km.


    Connected to Kasol by a narrow cable bridge, Chalal is a serene destination mostly always preferred by nature-lovers. Nestled in the mountains near Kasol, at an altitude of 7800 feet above sea level, this quaint Chalal village is considered one of the most beautiful treks near Kasol. Protected by tall pines and cafes, the place is also known for its excellent harvest of hashish. Is. The distance of this trek is 2.5 km. And it takes around 30-45 minutes to complete the trekking.

This trek is also considered a good trek for beginners. It is easily accessible on foot by a cable bridge. There are many options to stay in Chalal such as Antara Bhava Guest House, The Himalayan Village, and Hotel Anupam are some of the good options for staying in Chalal.


Sar pass trek is located in Kasol. It’s a perfect trek for adventure seekers. The trek route is so beautifully scenic that it’s among the simplest trek in Himachal. The exhilarating view on the highest of sar pass will leave you spellbound. There are plenty of stay options on Kasol. It’s perfect for beginners.


    From Kasol it takes a 3-4 hour walk to Rasol. Rasol is a charming village situated in the middle of Parvati Valley. Only 30 minutes away from Kasol is Chalal, which also serves as a base for Rasol. The greenery around here is amazing to see and makes for a memorable trek experience. This Rasol trek location being steep in nature, the trail fits into the list of harsh treks in the Himalayas. The distance of this trek is about 8 km and it takes about 4.5 hours to complete this trek. To reach this route one has to climb uphill from Rasol Chalal, which can be reached on foot after crossing the suspension bridge from Kasol. could. Guesthouse options to stay in Rasol.

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