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Planning to buy bottled water? Well, then it is quite common for people to get confused about the water type to buy. When goes to buy bottled water, they come across a large number of options that range from mineral to simple purifier water. This can be quite a work to find out which water is sourced from where and which one will suit one’s health the best. Here is a detailed guide on common types of water that are sold by bottled water companies. The water type of distinguished based on the source of water and the type of minerals that the water has. 

Some of the common bottled water types other than the mineral water from torques Jal branded mineral water company are:

Glacial water

Glacial water, as the name suggests is from the glaciers. Those are some of the most untouched places on earth. The ice melts from the glacier is the purest form of water which gives a crisp and fresh taste to the bottled water. Not only it is the cleanest source of water, but this water source is also mineral-rich making the water highly healthy. 

Volcanic water

Those looking for clean, healthy, and mineral-rich water other than mineral water can opt for volcanic water. This type of water is filtered by the bedrocks made of volcanic eruptions. The pressurized environment purifies the water. And it also infuses minerals like bicarbonate, zinc, and magnesium into the water. 

Exotic water

Exotic water by torques Jal drinking mineral water company is a type of special water that can be a great pick as an occasional choice. This type of water is infused with fruit essences and fruit juice which makes it more flavorsome. Many brands these days sell exotic water that is devoid of sweeteners and calorie and artificial ingredients. 

Artesian water

Artesian water in the last few years has grown in reputation and popularity. This type of water is sourced from artesian wells. The water is pressurized and this leads to the removal of contaminants and microbes from the water. Also, it is said that artesian water tends to have magnesium and potassium in it, which is highly beneficial for health. 


Springwater is freshwater that is derived from the freshwater springs. The taste of the spring water has a sweet tinge and is rich in minerals. This is one of the most common types of water that is chosen by the bottled water buyers from torques Jal drinking mineral water company. This is because of the fact that this water tastes fresh and crisp and is not that mineralized, thus giving a more suitable drinking experience. 

Sparkling water

Sparkling water is a type of mineral water that is infused with CO2. This gives a fizzy flavor to the water and thus can be a great choice when one wants a change from the daily water. However, one should be careful that the water should not have added artificial flavors and sweeteners in it. 

Those who want to try a new type of water other than the simple bottled mineral water by torques Jal branded mineral water company should pick from the above-mentioned choices. These types of water are equally healthy and effective in providing benefits to health and in quenching thirst as well. 


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