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What Are The Top Benefits Of Getting A Microsoft Azure Certification?


Azure is Microsoft’s cloud service, which has seen a significant rise in recent years. Due to Azure’s hybrid compatibility, many IT professionals must obtain a Microsoft Azure certification. Therefore, to gain such accreditation, it is necessary to have proper Microsoft Azure Online Training. Such training will help you understand the basics of cloud technology and familiarise you with the benefits of the Azzure certification. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled the top benefits of learning this certification, which we will study in the latter part of the article.

Microsoft Azure: Meaning

Azure is a cloud computing platform that allows you to access and manage Microsoft’s cloud services and resources. These services and tools include storing and converting your data as per your needs. All you need to gain access to these resources and services is an active internet connection and the ability to log on to the Azure portal.

Benefits of Getting Azure Certification:

Having a Microsoft Azure certification offers you several benefits. These benefits include:

Flexibility in Career:

A Microsoft Azure certification allows you to work in a variety of jobs role. You can work as a cloud architect, a developer, or a solution architect. However, the accreditation allows you to operate in different sectors and places. Moreover, companies from many industries are migrating to cloud technology due to multiple benefits, such as storage, processing, and networking. In addition, an Azure certification allows you to explore positions in different verticles like healthcare, banking, and entertainment.

Excellent Salary Packages:

An Azure certification demonstrates that you have specialized technical abilities rather than a general skillset. However, certified cloud specialists are more likely to be recognized than those working in other IT sectors.

Moreover, the annual salary package for Azure Developers is around $136,768. Furthermore, an Azure Architect’s yearly pay is approximately $152,879. In addition, you may increase your pay by completing extra courses and becoming a senior Azure expert. It is necessary to keep in mind that the above compensation might vary depending upon the location and the organization.

Fast Learning Process:

Microsoft Azure offers a simplified learning strategy for certifications, allowing for rapid learning. You are not required to learn how to utilize all the Azure tools. Also, you can look for additional simple-to-learn programs, such as Hadoop, Xcode, and Eclipse. Thus, aspirants may rapidly learn the platform and use Azure services.

Reduced IT Cost:

Azure enables seamless integration of data centers and cloud infrastructure. However, small and medium-sized organizations may now host their whole infrastructure in the cloud.

As a certified Azure specialist, you can help your firm save money on IT by properly expanding and managing hosted assets.

Improved DevOps Skills:

Azure offers certification in DevOps technology for individuals who already have some basic Azure skills. However, there are two ways to apply for the Azure DevOps engineer expert certification.

An applicant must hold an associate-level certification in Azure development or Azure administration. First, beginners need to pass the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. However, you cannot just qualify as a DevOps engineer after passing the certification exam. You must first get some experience.

Enhance Artificial Intelligence Skills:

The demand for competent Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers is rapidly expanding. Thus, there is a requirement for AI engineers who are familiar with Azure.

However, you must complete a certification exam that examines your Azure and AI abilities to become a certified Azure AI engineer. The test is for experienced AI engineers who want to create AI solutions on Azure.


Finally, the rising demand for a profession in cloud computing is enough to obtain an Azure certification. It can also assist you to get better job opportunities in many industries and regions. Furthermore, the certification provides several opportunities to assist you in achieving your career objectives. Therefore, to make a career in this powerful technology, it is necessary to have proper Microsoft Azure Training in Delhi.

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