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What Digital Marketing Services Do You Need?

The covid-19 crisis has increased the interest of many companies in digital marketing services; from small family businesses to large companies, all have seen the need to strengthen their digital strategy to reach their customers. In addition, the pandemic has brought changes to many sectors, both B2C (with users’ reluctance regarding physical purchases and mobility restrictions…) and B2B (cancellation of fairs and commercial visits…); for each of them, several marketing services can help you deal with them. But where to start? What services to choose? If you don’t know where to start, in this post, we will tell you what marketing services you need to achieve your goals.

In our 25 years of experience, we have worked for all types of clients and sectors, each of them with different types of needs, from those who started from scratch on the Internet (as has now happened to many small businesses with the pandemic) to clients who already had certain notions of digital marketing. Logically, although the ideal is to cover the entire process, we know that each client is different. Therefore, we offer each service separately to adapt to your specific needs.

Digital marketing services for every business need

What you want to accomplish is the first question that needs to be answered if you want to determine what digital marketing services you need to hire an agency for and what those services are.

What do you think about launching a brand-new enterprise in the digital realm?

Sell ​​more?

Interested in developing your company’s presence in international markets?

Improve your standing in the world of digital technology.

Conduct research into the strategies used by your competitors.

You can choose the marketing services when you have a distinct plan for what you want to achieve. That will be most helpful to you in achieving that goal.

For instance, if you are thinking about starting a new company in which having an online presence is necessary, you would be wise to conduct an in-depth analysis of your industry and come up with a personalized plan for increasing your online visibility.

You should also create a website tailored to your particular requirements. Solicit the opinions of others, and assess the results of your efforts.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) consulting, analysis of the competition, web development. SEO optimization and link building, SEM campaigns, and web analytics are some of the available services that can assist with all of these aspects.

Suppose you already have an online business but want to make more sales. In that case, you should start by analyzing your website (and your industry) to develop a customized. Plan to increase your visibility and the percentage of visitors who buy from you. This will allow you to make more sales.

That is, bring in a larger number of potential buyers and make sure they end up making a purchase.

In addition to some of the services we have already mentioned for businesses. They are just getting their feet wet, such as SEO and SEM. Content testing can greatly assist in determining what works best and turning your online investment into a profitable venture.

Participating in commercial activities overseas (such as prospecting, going to trade fairs, putting together a commercial delegation. And making deals with distributors) will typically result in a significant increase in one’s financial obligations.

As a direct consequence of the pandemic, most of these activities are currently restricted.

But these days, with the assistance of the Internet, businesses can easily internationalize their operations. And establish a presence in international markets by conducting business online.

Of course, simply having a website that can be viewed in several different languages. It is not enough to qualify as internationalization.

It is necessary to undertake a comprehensive project to achieve visibility in the search engines used in each country.

As can be seen, the services of digital marketing consultant include:

  • A variety of online strategy actions.
  • The development of websites.
  • The acquisition of traffic.
  • The monitoring of results. 

Each company needs to choose these services based on where they are in their journey. And the objectives they have outlined for themselves at this point.

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