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What is intermittent fasting? Is it save?

Who doesn’t like to be fit and who doesn’t want to look good in clothes. What people do not do to stop and reduce the increasing body weight, from difficult diets to rigorous exercise, they have to do to keep themselves fit. Intermittent fasting is also considered a good technique to reduce body weight, but is it right to do it during pregnancy?

Comedy queen Bharti stunned everyone with her weight loss transformation a few months back. Regarding her weight loss diet, Bharti said that intermittent fasting has helped a lot in bringing her weight from 91 kg to 76 kg. Let us tell you that Bharti Singh is pregnant and this question must have arisen in your mind about whether intermittent fasting is safe during pregnancy?

If you also want the answer to this question, then it is necessary for you to read this article.

What is intermittent fasting? Is it save?


What is Intermittent Fasting?

This is a special food plan adopted to control weight. In Intermittent fasting, a regular fast is kept for a fixed time and then a fixed amount of food is eaten.  And the time of fasting and the amount of food usually depends on the bodyweight of the person.

It is usually kept fast every other day while some people keep fast for one or two days in a week. Intermittent fasting is considered an easy and effective method.

How safe is intermittent fasting during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time in which women need the most nutrients in their lives. With the help of the diet taken by the woman, the child grows normally in her womb. However, fasting or intermittent fasting during this time can cause many health damages. Lack of food for a certain period of time leads to a deficiency of vitamins and many other nutrients in the body. 

Along with this, during fasting, the sugar of pregnant women can also decrease, which is harmful to both the woman and her baby.

Can intermittent fasting be done after delivery?

After delivery, women breastfeed their babies, which is a very important job. During this also, women need a lot of nutrients, so that milk can be made in their body. Due to fasting or intermittent fasting, their body is not able to take enough nutrients and in this case, their body is able to produce milk in less quantity. Till the time you breastfeed your baby, you are advised not to do intermittent fasting.

Contact dietician for intermittent fasting

If your body is ready for intermittent fasting, then you can contact a good dietician. This is important because according to your BMI, they will tell you the fasting plan. Extraordinarily intermittent fasting can also make you sick, so it is important to consult an expert.

Stay hydrated during intermittent fasting

It is very important to have a water supply in the body during fasting. Because when you are not on dieting, with the help of some foods or drinks, water keeps going in your body, whereas this does not happen during fasting. Lack of betel leaves in the body can be very harmful to health.

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