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What to do in Croatia: Find the Best Things to Do

Wondering what to do in Croatia during your vacation there? You’re lucky I have classified my suggestions by Bicycle rental service & Trekking bikes. So that you can easily go to places and see what you might like according to your tastes. Let’s start with the simplest and most obvious: here are the most beautiful cities in Croatia to visit.

Visit Split and its Roman palace

The split will appeal to those who enjoy old stones and medieval atmospheres. The second-largest city in Croatia and the capital of Dalmatia. It is home to the ancient Roman palace known as the Palace of Diocletian. Which is now a maze of tiny, winding cobblestone streets where it is delightful to get lost. Have fun If you visit Split. Renting a bicycle or riding a trekking bike during your visit to the palace is a must.

If you want to enjoy the sea and sun, Split has some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, including the magnificent Kajuni.

See Dubrovnik, the heart of Game of Thrones

Another historic city in Croatia: in Dubrovnik. This old town is a real gem, surrounded by its ramparts that you could discover in the Game of Thrones series. Tens of thousands of people come to visit each year now (the city is full of organized tours on the theme of GoT, the most popular is this one ).

The light facades and green shutters make it a truly picturesque setting, typical of the Croatian coast. Its atmosphere is unique and the food is good.

Stroll through Rovinj, the city of lovers

Less known than its counterparts, the small town of Rovinj is nevertheless absolutely wonderful. If you want my opinion, it’s the ideal Bicycle rental service & Trekking bikes in this Croatian destination for a romantic stay (I even have a couple of friends who got married there!).

They are full of small streets that wind in all directions until you reach the top of the heart of the city, at the Saint Euphemia church. The city has long been under Venetian domination (by the way Venice is just on the other side of the arm of the Adriatic Sea). And it shows in the architecture and in the colors of the houses, which look much more Italian than Croatian.

Exploring Trogir, a medieval city listed by UNESCO

Trogir is a very small town on the Dalmatian coast, about twenty kilometers from Split. Its historic center is unique in the world: it’s a peninsula that has remained exactly as it was in medieval times (well, with a few adjustments: there’s electricity, etc, huh). It is one of the most visited towns in Croatia and we understand why when we go there: it is a maze of alleys with uneven cobblestones, white facades, and green shutters.

There are not a lot of things to do in Trogir. The main occupation will be to stroll through its tiny, narrow cobbled streets and imagine how people lived several centuries ago. However, there are plenty of Bike rentals in Zadar Croatia from where you rent a bike and explore. So this is no big issue.

Discover Zadar and its sea organ

To be completely honest, it took me a while before I was captivated by Zadar. The first city in Croatia that I came across. The majority of the city’s historic district is located on a kind of peninsula with an amazing shape. Whose entire seafront has been set aside for pedestrians? It is done so that they can enjoy views of the Adriatic Sea and the nearby islands.

At the very end of this waterfront is the emblem of Zadar: the sea organ. Which plays music 24 hours a day to the sound of the waves passing under our feet. Just behind you will see the Virtual Sun Salutation Monument, especially worth seeing after dark.

These are the two main things to do and see in Zadar, but they are not the only ones. Discover the Roman forum, take a tour of the museum of ancient glass, and enjoy the excellent restaurants you will find Bicycle rental services & Trekking bikes nearby in the historic center.

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